Baby Activity: Hide & Seek Cups

This activity was total improvisation on my part, I was trying to put a load of washing on and didn't want Penelope sat bored or fussing while I was busy. I literally grabbed her stacking cups and thought 'hey why not get her to look for things inside, on top, and underneath them that'll keep her occupied I thought'. I also grabbed some little toys small enough to hide. 

Boy was I right! She adored this game, infact it had her total concentration so much so I couldn't even get her attention for a picture of her face, she was a total busy body for the next 15 minutes!

She found everything I had hidden around on her highchair tray, and once she found them she bashed, threw, ate everything in site. She had a whale of a time. I'm definitely going to do this activity a lot more often, its educational in a sense that it encourages the baby to engage in seeking out objects and to use and practise their hand coordination.

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