Bluestone Series: Day 2- Exploring & Spa Experience

We woke up totally refreshed from a good nights sleep and a long evening of unpacking the day before, we were rearing to go and embark on exploring the resort. Woke up to see a beautiful mist surrounding our beautiful lodge, and hearing all the birds singing away. It was a dull morning in Wales but it was so quiet and tranquil you couldn't help but see the beauty of it. Back home I would have woke up looked outside and thought 'we aren't going out in that today'. Instead we were dying to get out and adventure around the park.

We rented a buggy as it's quite tough to walk up and down the hills with a buggy it's definitely a much easier way to get around the park and a lot of guests were using them too. The price at the beginning of the week to hire out the buggy's is £80 but seeing as we decided upon getting one on day two the price had dropped to £60-65 which I felt was fantastic as it saved £15.

 We hopped on our buggy and off we went feeling mighty silly in our turbo racer buggy.

We first went into Millers Bakery and had some much needed 11'sies. It was very quaint inside it felt a little to cramped if I'm honest as it was busy when we first arrived, after a while it completely emptied and we were the only ones left *maybe we smelt or something ha*. The bakery have fresh baked baguettes, rolls, loafs, muffins and other scrummy baked goods. I indulged into a blueberry muffin and oh my was it delicious, actually Penny ate most of it I cant have anything to myself these days!?

We then went for a stroll around the lake which had a extraordinary overlay of mist. It was beautiful... the plants were moist, the water rippling with the slight morning breeze and a silent calm to the place. Penny was asleep in seconds, so we enjoyed a little chinwag as we walked around it.

After our walk we wondered over to a huge pretty yellow building, which was Bluestones very own spa named ' the well spa'. We were treated by Reese's parents to a 4 hour sundown spa session, which included your robe, slippers, towels, bubbly with nibbles, a 50 minute treatment of your choice, AND 2 hours use of the rest of the spa's facilities (the Celtic spa experience) like the hydrate pool, sanctuary, quiet room, steam rooms, sauna's, experience showers and the ice room. All for just £74 a person, which is an amazing price compared to holiday parks, or hotels we have visited before.

I couldn't have been more excited to go and get my relaxation on, I've never been to a spa before and had been hinting and moaning to Reese for pretty much the whole time we've known eachother saying that we should go to visit a spa. Men hey?

 I wanted to spilt my choice of treatments into two shorter 25 minute treatments so I went for an Aromatherapy oil facial, and the back, neck, and shoulder massage. May I say 'Lisa' did a superb job being my first time having any kind of massage before I was hugely impressed as she talked me through everything, I felt really looked after throughout the duration. Our visit to 'the well spa' is definitely on my highlight list of our whole trip. A truly great service. If you can nab a babysitter for a few hours, I would definitely suggest it.

After that purifying experience we got back to the lodge where we greeted our much excited Penelope and had some quality time with our baby girl whom we missed terribly. We got her ready for bed and put her to sleep. We all decided to get something in to eat. Nanny and Granddad watched Penny and we ventured in search of some naughty food. We knew of a town in which Nanny, Granddad and Penny had visited that day while we were at the spa, a town called 'Narberth'. It was quite a hilly little place but FULL of different food options, from Indian, pizza, and Chinese restaurants, kebabs anything really that you fancy for tea. We got back to the lodge and enjoyed our food much to the regret of my diet *doh* and watched 'Gone Girl' on DVD as a family.

Coming Next: Day 3- Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool!

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Mum In A Rut!

Since Penelope become ill her sleeping patterns at night have been all over the shop and I'm struggling to get back to normal too. She used to sleep the night through and I'd go to bed at a really decent time myself, I would always wake up around 8-8.30am to wake Penny up for the day. Lately, I've gotten myself in a right old mess...I now stay up most nights as late as 3am keeping myself busy because I know there's no point in going to bed as Penny normally will just wake up on and off until then. Therefore I'm up pretty much all night and for that reason I've started to struggle to wake up for the next day. I end up asleep till about 9.30-10am and Penny doesn't wake up either.

Our daily routine gets messed up and because she woke up later she goes to bed later now too not by a lot just a tad. It's completely turnt the boat over and I can't snap back into how thing were because it USED to really work for us and admittedly Penny has been sleeping for longer intervals the last few nights so I COULD salvage a few hours here and there, but after a few weeks of not sleeping I'm in the habit of staying up. Also because of the lack of sleep I'm getting I've noticed a vast change in my mood, ability throughout the day and my back pain has flared up a considerable amount.
I'm starting to struggle a little.

My diets not helping either... Oh the dreaded diet. I'm just not in the mood to bother to look after myself. I don't eat well I don't drink enough and I definitely don't care. And I should?! I think from tonight I'm going to force myself to get to bed early, and try to get back in the habit of giving a damn about me. Starting from today, but yes I already woke up late again and Penny is still asleep too but as I soon as I get up today I'm going to make myself buck up and sort it out! I cant carry on like this, this is so unlike me to behave this way. I don't normally write posts on how I'm doing or if I'm feeling abit over run but I need to just let my frustrations out!

Do you find yourself feeling worse for wear sometimes or is it just me?

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Weekend Baby Fashion! #1

This is my first go at a baby fashion post, I'm in noway a fashion guru, I just simply go with my own judgment and taste.

I hope you enjoy it!

Penelope's outfits this weekend:

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Dress: Sainsburys | Vest: Mothercare | Tights: Next

Bow: Candys Bowtique | Top: Matalan | Vest: Mothercare | Jeggins: Tesco | Socks: Asda
Penny went out for the afternoon with her nana for a spot of shopping and to visit a family member. I chose a dress for her to wear because obviously I want to show her off in something super cute! I think everyone does that right?...

A stay at home day full of playtime fun, madam was also busy practising her mischief skills...she was  trying to pull bibs off the airer. I caught up on some well needed housework as I've been blog mad this week! I've really been trying to make it perfect, and I'm so happy with it now. My lovely friend Steph from Raising Emily  has been an absolute star with helping me out...I couldn't of done it without her! 

As you can tell Penny absolutely loves the camera and cooperates very well when I'm trying to take photos. *Lucky for me* I always dress Penny in simple comfort wear when at home because it's just nicer for her to scramble around in clothes that are not going to irritate her or get in the way.

I always get comments on how lovely Penelope's bows are and questions about where they are from. I buy them from a lovely online facebook shop and highly recommend their service. I love adding a bow to her outfits as I think it gives such a cute girly touch, it dresses her outfit up a little more. I also really recommend Sainsburys for their baby clothes, I've bought so much from there and cannot believe how good the quality is, it's fantastic. I've purchased items from whole outfits to essentials such as vests, t-shirts and baby's grows too. It's one of my go to places to shop for Penny and they have an amazing summer range out now too!
All wash fantastically with pricing not being to bad either!

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The Knott Bump & Us

Weaning Update At 7 Months

Having finally established that neither purees nor BLW were ideal for us we decided that we would combine the two and see what happened.

We offer Penny a mixture of purees in with her BLW diet not because I'm trying to fill her up but because sometimes she likes feeding from the spoon. I guess it's just a lazier way to eat if she isn't in the right mood. As time goes by I can see she's more interested in actually feeding herself,  more times out of 10 she will not be bothered by not having a puree, it depends on how hungry she is.

Penny likes to be spoon fed breakfast as she's very hungry in the morning and doesn't have the patience. While I prep her weetabix she will eat half a banana part peeled for her to grip on. Lunch is fine for BLW as she is in her best mood at this time of day, she'll either have what I have or ill make her another lunch choice. Dinner depends on how hungry she is, sometimes she will accept a BLW dinner other times she'll want to be spoon fed a puree, I can always tell what mood she is in before dishing up so this is never a problem.

All her meals are given with cooled boiled water, she adores water and lets out an excited squeal everytime she takes a few mouthfuls.

 Since doing this our weaning journey has improved massively we are now all enjoying the experience and meals are fun and very messy I might add. She's much more confident in using her hands, her grip has become more advanced and is holding and picking up smaller items of food all the time. Slippy foods like cucumber, tomatoes or bananas are all foods that she enjoys to eat but she struggles to keep hold of them at times and this drives her crazy. I'm trying my best to not be hesitant to let her try new foods as I want her to be open to tasting and not end up a fussy eater. Sometimes I forget she can actually try some things I eat but by the time I realize there's none left, no surprise there haha.

I'll list some of the solid foods she has had BLW style:
Yorkshire puddings
Mash potatoe
Sweet potato fries

*There's of course lots more but this is what I came up with on the top of my head*

Favorites: Banana, water, soft cheese sandwiches, fruit puree's, yogurts, and ham.
Dislikes: Absolutely nothing as yet!

What route did you choose and was it as simple as you expected it to be? For me it was a case of trial and error to get things right for both Penny and I.

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Mami 2 Five


Bluestone Series: Day 1: Farmhouse Grill!

Hi, welcome back to the Bluestone Series!

Todays post is what we got up to on day one which was also arrival day! To see how our arrival and first impressions were (Click Here).

As we arrived pretty late to Bluestone we didn't get to make much use of the facilities on the park nor look around to much but once unpacked and settled we did decided to venture into the village square and have a meal together. We chose to go to the Farmhouse Grill. I had read a few reviews from fellow bloggers and it hadn't been raved about so I didn't have high hopes for the quality of food or surroundings. I was actually pleasantly surprised. MY thoughts were that it was exactly what it said on the tin, a Farmhouse Grill. It was very barn like with the design of the roof, and the d├ęcor was very wooden country. A beautiful real wood fire and twinkling fairy lights on the wooden beams of the ceiling really set a lovely atmostphere for me.

They had a children's food bar with simplistic food choices maybe not to all parents standards but lets be honest not many children are adventurous with food and there are other places to eat with more variations if you wish so I felt this to be fine.

My meal was fantatic and I even said to our lovely waitress that it was superb. I had a three meal course, a starter of delicious liver pate with toasted fresh bread and a pickled chutney. For my main I had a 12o pork chop with mushroom, tomatoes and chips, the taste of my meat was sensational. I demolished the lot, and as I had the starter and main they had a deal on that you can choose a free dessert. I had the bread and butter pudding as id never tried it before. It wasent completely my thing as am not a big fruit in desserts fan apart from the odd apple crumble. But the portion was huge! and if it had been more suited to my taste buds I would've been delighted with such a generous serving.

It was a little pricey but I had to justify it because aswell as having the deal we had got we also got use of the salad bar and fresh baked bread for free to dulge into. So for the price you do get a lot for your money.

After dinner we went back to our lodge to wind down for the night, popped Penny in the bath, I had forgot to bring her bath seat and it would've been handy to have a bath mat supplied. As I would've had a little more control over the little one as she kept slipping from the bottom of the bath. Even for an older child and even older adults I like the safety of a bath mat. That's just my personal preference. We got ready for bed and watched a little TV together, it was so relaxing in the living area, all being so cosy, no phones, no disconnections, all just spending quality time together. It was lovely.

Coming next: Bluestone Series: Day 2: Exploring & spa experience!

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Baby Activity: Jelly Pot Messy Play!

Jelly pot play is a very simple activity that a lot of mums play with their children. I wanted to add abit of a different spin on the typical jelly messy play. I came up with adding pots to it, simple still but encourages the baby to find, empty and fill up the cups with jelly. Penny loves her stacking cups and bath cups so I thought they would be an enjoyed part of her activity. As you'll tell from the picture below she has a face of thunder, this is one angry baby.

I let her try the jelly to see if she would like the taste before playing with it and she loved it and wanted more, but then a jelly pot emptied an spilt onto her leg, well that was it, she was furious! She kept that face on while making what looked like a jelly angels with her legs (an alternative to snow angel) trying to get the jelly away from herself. I found it hilarious but my oh so serious Penny did not. Maybe it didn't help that I didn't leave the jelly out the fridge long enough as it was a little cold, ill take note of that for next time. After realizing it wasn't all that scary after all, she started to tolerate it, not enjoy it as such but it was okay if she touched it. She enjoyed squishing the cups in it, tasting the jelly from the cups, and eating it from mummy and daddy's hands.

Seeing as the jelly itself wasn't a big hit we decided to stack the cups and as usual this was great fun for Penny, id build it up and she'd take them off again and so the cycle begins, for around 10 minutes haha!

All I did was make some Hartley's Jelly in strawberry flavor which is super easy all you have to do is add 1/2 pint of boiled water stir till cubes are dissolved and then add another 1/2 pint of cold water stir and refrigerate, but I'm sure you all know how to make jelly! I just scooped up the set jelly (which didn't take anywhere near as long as I thought it would) and popped it into the cups. Voila it's ready for playtime. I put down her messy mat as cream carpet and red jelly, are a big no no! Obviously its very wise to undress the baby before letting her loose with this sticky mess, so just a nappy it was.

I apologise if the word 'jelly' was used far to much in this post, but what can you do it's all jelly baby!

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Bluestone Series: Arrival & First Impressions

Hi, welcome to the next post in the Bluestone series here in babyypebbles! If you missed the first one please (Click Here) if you'd like to start from the beginning.

Today's post is on our arrival and our first impressions of Bluestone. 

With facing the dreaded 4-5 hour long journey I expected it to be like hell on earth but actually, it turnt out to be quiet easy going as Penny slept pretty much the whole time only waking for her lunch and a bottle *score*. I cracked on with her 7 month update again (Click Here) to see that. We arrived pretty exhausted at Bluestone Wales...well me and Reese were, Penny was obviously well rested and would now most likely be up all night, but alas we had arrived. *Victory dance*

We got to the entrance of the resort at 16.30pm which is the time you are able to check in to your lodge, and unpack your belongings. The day before we had already filled out their early check in forms online so when we arrived we just had to pick up our welcome information and lodge door keys. I'm so glad we did this because after that car journey I definitely wouldn't want to be listing everyone's details through a check in window. To our surprise we were greeted to wonderful news of our lodge being upgraded, how amazing! I felt that our previous lodge (Dinas) was lovely enough but being upgraded (Grassholm) was the icing on the cake, we felt so privileged as we'd felt so lucky to have been asked to stay with Bluestone in the first place.

We drove then in search of our lodge... off to find Preseli View where our lodge was designated. It was a bit of a pickle finding it as the signing suggested were headed for an exit? Leaving before we arrived, heck no we thought! Stop and check the map. We were lost haha. It turns out that's where our location was anyway, up the 'exit road'?  Rather strange we thought.

It was only a quick drive though really, the other side of the park but the long stay carpark was only a 2 minute walk away so it wasn't going to be too bad once you'd parked up. As we drove through the park I got to see what the resort was like and take in the surrounding views. My first comment was that I felt like a posh hobbit from Shire (a reference from the film The Hobbit).  Well modernised hobbits. It was far better than I had imagined it to be. Back home we are stuck in a town with nowhere to walk and no lovely views to see and driving into Bluestone was like a wish had been answered, some real nature at last.


My first impressions of our new home for 4 nights was in one word delighted. Pulling up at number 42, we saw a whirly path down to this huge brown wooden log lodge, with trees and grass around it. A little outside porch with a picnic bench and a view of beautiful landscape out ahead of us, a bright blue sky and a sunset to make you ponder deeply over. It felt like a dream house.

On first inspection as I wondered around I noticed a familiar pattern, it was completely spit spot! Clean as a whistle. The heating had been put on before we arrived so was nice and snug as soon as we opened the door. As lets be honest Wales at this time of the year is mighty windy and cold. Note: bring your hats, gloves and scarves if going in the winter months. There was a very generous sized entrance porch which came in amazingly handy for our pram, coats and boots, it kept all the messy outdoors stuff out the way. The entire lodge felt inviting and comforting with fresh towels, crisp white sheets, amazing pillows and cosy blankets on each bed, bedrooms being VERY generous in size, with lots of storage for your use. The living space was awesome there was enough floor space to hold a basket ball game, okay maybe not that much but you get my drift! Bathrooms felt so luxurious and were very modern and swish. Beautiful bath tubs and an amazing tiled wet room.

The self catering option we felt was well worth doing as you don't have to worry about bringing anything they have absolutely every kitchen essential that you would need throughout your stay, even a toast rack and milk jug! The only items I brought with me were x2 tea towels, dish clothes, and washing up liquid as you never know how much will be supplied if any. But we had a lovely little welcome kit sitting on our sink with all of the above and more.

I was so impressed with their attention to detail, they had really thought of it all, even stair gates, high chairs, and a travel cot! I would have never of thought to bring a stair gate, admittedly my child doesn't even walk yet (she's only 7 months) but I think its great they still have them installed just incase.

Our view was idealistic, to me it felt like no matter how many pictures I tried to take it just couldn't capture how beautiful it really was. We could see the village square and at night they would lite it up with fairy lights. The sky was pitch black with no orange tinge from street lights like were used too. Just darkness with crystal clear stars littering the sky, I've only recently started wearing glass and this was the first time in years I'd been able to really see the stars as I refused to do something about my sight before and it felt magical almost. I wish I could have that view every single day. Such tranquillity!

In all I felt that the accommodation was well appointed and stylish. Bluestone pride themselves on their luxurious lodges and I deeply feel they have hit the nail on the head with that one, I'd completely agree. A little luxury in the country never goes a miss.

We did have one little pick that caused a little bit of a pickle with our guests who joined us for the trip. We had requested 4 rooms and on our confirmation email we had 2 double rooms and 2 twin rooms. Which was perfect, but as they upgraded our accomondation the room situation had changed, we had 1 double room and 3 twin rooms. It didn't effect our other family members at all we came to an agreement but it just wasent to what we had confirmed with us.

Hope your enjoying the series as far!

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Baby's First Valentine!

Valentine's Day has just past by and I hope you all had a day full of love spent with your loved ones!

Excuse the dummy...we cracked on with this craft not long after waking Penelope up as we were in a little rush, Penny rarely wakes up in a mood but this was an occasion where I had a cranky baby (typical). Me and Reese both have been super busy this last month and we'd just got back from Bluestone a day earlier. Click Here to see more about that.

We hadn't had a moment to go out and buy cards, flowers or any such likeness for eachother.  We didn't mind this and decided to just get a Chinese in for dinner and have some chill time together in the evening. It was a lovely day in the end very chilled and well spent with both of my valentines! My man and my little girl, it couldn't of been better. Speaking of a little girl it was Pennys first ever Valentine's Day! Of course we got her involved and we spent the afternoon making a valentine for daddy.
  • All we did was get two bits of pink paper put one down on the table flat and cut a large heart shaped out the middle of the other one
  • I then taped the two together with the cutout heart peice being on the top and stuck it to Penny's high chair.
  • Using a dollop of red paint (babysafe) I then let Penny start her master peice. (I stayed very close by to make sure the paint went no where near her face). She was so good and just cracked in with her painting.
After a while and she looked asif she was giving the seal of approval to it being finished. I cleaned up the baby and left the artwork to dry. Once dry I simply peeled off the top peice of cutout paper and voila! penny had painted a heart for daddy! This is her first ever handmade picture and has taken pride of place on our kitchen cupboard for all to see, daddy loved it and made his thanks to the developing artist!

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Bluestone Series: How Our Trip Came About!

Hi there,

This is our series on Bluestone Wales, a series of posts in which I have divided up our stay into different sections making it feel a more pleasurable read. Short sweet snippets of our experience and thoughts instead of one long hauled post. I hope you enjoy it!

How our trip came about:

First of all have you heard of Bluestone? I'm sure you have as its become a huge talking point in the blogger community for a good while now everyone's going barmy over it.

Brief Background Information
Bluestone National Park Resort offers short free-range mini breaks catering for any occasion your looking for, whether that be a family holiday or a spa retreat with your loved one(s). They pride themselves on their luxurious accommodation and focus on an echo friendly environment while offering multiple all-weather activities on going throughout your entire stay.

After having researched all about Bluestone, I was more than keen to join in. They had a last minute space for the Monday 9th February for a 4 night stay...bare in mind I sent the email on the Friday just before to say yes we were free. Once it came back confirmed it was all booked for us I had a mini melt down and ran around like a mad women getting everything ready to go on the Monday.

What was I going to do with the dog? They don't allow pets at Bluestone as 92% of guests voted against having pets on the resort. I agree completely with this as who wants to free-range in possible dog poop every few steps, not me. My only trouble was finding a dog sitter because of the last minute dash trip other wise this wouldn't have even been an issue for us.

I was delighted to have been asked to go to Bluestone, I mean my blog isn't greatly established just yet but it's slowly getting there and being given opportunities like this only gives me more chance of getting my blog rolling I'm so thankful for that. Bluestone are happy to work with all type of bloggers and aren't just looking for highly established bloggers with tons of traffic. I feel like a lot of companies tend to do this and it was great to feel so included in the blogging community.

Lots of Love
Lorraine xxxx

Penelope's 7 Month Update!

Once again it's that time for another monthly update about our gorgeous little baby! This month Penny has made a huge jump in her development,  she has come such a long way since last month, I'm so proud of her.

(Mummy and daddy's beauty) 

She is now sitting fully unsupported which to be honest with you I'm so happy about. It's made my life a better place to be simply because she's completely content with sitting watching me or playing with her toys. Before this new independence she'd hate laying down even screaming until I'd pick her up. I suppose she felt uninvolved and wanted to have that Independence but was unable too. You can imagine how pleased she is with herself now, waving her arms about the place and squealing with excitement.
The strength in her legs has vastly improved this month too, she can stand for a fair length of time on a lap while her arms are being held. Even when in the sitting position on a lap with very little help she will come to a standing position herself with some struggle but she has done it before. 

Still no sign of any interest in rolling over yet? I am concerned over it a little. So many babies a lot younger than her are rolling over and she still is yet too. She will twist almost to roll but won't get far enough to go the whole way. I've tried practicing with her but nothing seems to work. 

Tummy time is still not favored, she will grumble and whinge from the moment you put her on her tummy. I've come to accept she simply won't enjoy it, ever haha! But hopefully it won't be too long until she grasps the concept of crawling. 

Penny is increasingly becoming interested in moving forward. When sitting she will see something or someone a little bit out of her reach and she'll make a diving motion to get it or put her arms up to you so you pick her up.  She's also trying to use her arms to pull forwards, so maybe this is the start of a crawling motion? 

Her weaning is coming along tremendously but I am going to do a separate post on this for an update on our journey together. Lets just say that she has a big appetite and enjoys tasting new things. Oh and she'll want some of whatever me or daddy have at any given time even if she's just eaten a huge breakfast or dinner for example. 

At long last her little bald head is disappearing under what looks like mousy brown/blonde/ or strawberry blonde hair. I cannot figure out yet what colour her hair will be as it looks different everytime you look at it. For now all I know is that it is quite light. Everyone who see's her always comments on the growth of her hair saying it's really sprouting now. Which I agree with I even make it part of our bedtime routine to have a mini hairdressing session talking about how she can style her hair. I'm lame I know it's barely even a comb over.  Her newborn dark hair has become quite hard or horse like and slowly falling out.

Her eyes are still very blue, but have become a lot lighter in the centre and dark around the edging. She has her daddy's beautiful blue eyes. 

Her last weigh-in was on the last Friday of January and she was 18.9lbs. I was expecting her to be a lot more because of how much she's been eating food wise but she is still in the higher point of average like always so I'm completely happy she's gaining weight steadily and healthily. She has reduced her milk intake quite abit as she was a big milk drinker before weaning began. She now will have  3 feeds a day, I will make 7o per bottle but she mainly will drink 5-6o And no more. Somedays she will refuse a lot of her milk feeds and will focus more on her food intake. I was adviced that if she does this I should increase her diary intake with yogurts and other dairy products. Which I have started to do, she loves a yogurt after her dinner or with lunch. 

If you say 'daddy' she will look around to find her daddy. This is the cutest thing for me it's so lovely. She's adores Reese, he is her best playtime friend. All he has to do is look at her and no matter what mood she's in, it will make her smile and get excited. They play 'boo' a lot round the flat, Reese will peak into the room and shout 'BOO!' Penny will giggle and pretty much try to jump out  of my arms giggling and then daddy will hide again. It's so sweet/sad when daddy stops playing as she'll wait staring at the door in hope for him to come and do it again. Which means Reese will play for a long time so he doesn't disappoint. 

She has learnt to put her own dummy in and out of her mouth by herself, this is making my mum duties a lot easier as shes able to comfort herself a lot easier and she knows she can do it too. I'm liking this new skill.

We had a poorly bunny this month too which i have to say has caused chaos to Penelope's  routine. She was choking to a point i had to intervene...this happened several times, she also had high temperature, vomiting anything she drunk or ate and genuinely the sniffles. I put her to bed and she woke up choking and thankfully I was awake so ran in to be able to pat her on the back, in which lots of frothy mucus came up. I couldn't then sleep knowing I'd done nothing about it. So rang 111 to ask advice, they told me to go straight to a&e. She was put straight onto fluids every 10 minutes until about 4am. Therefore she was exhausted from no sleep. The diralite fluid didn't seem to agree with her and gave her crippling tummy aches in which she'd stretch in pain. They finally gave her some pain relief and she went to sleep with ease waking just a few times from her tummy pains. After a lot of examinations and a urine and blood test, it came back that she had a urine infection...and that's what was making her so poorly. She had a 3 day course of antibiotics and slept for huge amounts of time throughout those few days. Because of her choking I co-slept with her in our bed and daddy slept on the sofa (poor daddy). 

The downside from co-sleeping is that she got used to it very quickly and is now refusing to sleep in her own room. It's a real struggle. I try every night and have had nothing but a screaming baby all night. I really don't know how to go about it from here, we need to get back to normal. 

Penny hates getting dressed now, and will whinge for the duration, unless she gets to stay naked then she's completely happy. Something I've never seemed to touch on is that after bath time she gets hysterical. I've got no clue why I've tried everything possible a feed just before, a nap, toys, dummy, I've tried it all. No matter what she WILL scream once I get her out the bath unless I sing or she has her YouTube nursery rhymes on, which makes it difficult because bathing her by yourself is near impossible. 

She giggles and laughs at Pippin, they adore eachother, it's quite lovely to see. He's so so gentle and just takes each pinch and kick in his very tiny stride. 

(Sitting up driving her car, beep beep) 
(First time in a trolley seat) 

(Loving her sandwiches)
(Best picture of her hair that I have)

(As chunky as ever..look at that porky belly hehe)

(Wakes up always with a smile)

 (Our poorly Pennypops) 

(It's narna time) 

That's all I have this month I really should make a titling system so I can be more organised. I may start that from next month. 

Lots of love 
Lorraine xxx

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