Unintentional Bouncer Pose

 I was talking to my dear friend the other day Tinyfootsteps, we were talking nonsense about anything and everything as we always do. She said something about it being nice when your baby starts to sit unattended and be able to move around because then you can take pictures of your child in another place other than their bouncers. This set off a light bulb in my head, as I really had done exactly that.

I've unknowingly unintentionally put Penelope in the same place to take a lot of her pictures through her first 6 month of life. Lets face it she cant stand up with her hands on her hips along with a big puffy pout on her face can she? So instead, I'd pop her somewhere safe, comfortable, and in a easy photo friendly place, be it her bouncer. 

Once I had realised id been doing this I jumped straight onto the computer to gather as many photos as I could squeeze into one blog post, so I could put together a few collages of Penny as she has grown these last few months. Starting from newborn onwards to 6 Months.

Luckily I had done this because she is on the verge of mastering sitting up unattended now, so she wont need her bouncer for much longer. Which brings me to a whole new chapter of trying to capture photos of my baby as she becomes mobile, I imagine this isn't going to be easy. All in the adventure of parenthood though!

My friends blog is well worth a read, she really is a wonderful lady.

Love Lorraine

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  1. Aww, I'll have to do this with Jasmine's bouncer photos. It's a good way of seeing how much they've grown.

    Thanks for the lovely mention too.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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