Penelopes First Christmas!

25/12/2014- Pennys first christmas experience!

Okay, it didn't quite work out as magical as I'd hoped as Penny developed a horrid cold on Christmas Eve EVE. What luck right?! Poor gal, she suffered so much, it was awful to see as a parent, especially at christmas. Regardless of how poorly she was and the fact she slept pretty much 90% of Christmas Day. I tried to make her day as lovely for her as possible for the short moments she was awake. 

I realise she's way to young to understand the concept of Christmas. So many people have made comments to me on this. But the way I see it is when she is I don't know say 6 or 8 years old and I show her those pictures of Santa coming to see her even when she was tiny...How excited do you think she'll be? I recon she'll darn well love it. And even appreciate it when she's alot older. I love looking back of pictures of myself even now! We didn't stay home this Christmas we went and spent it at Centre Parks! It was so festive and fun! Spending Christmas in the forest, surround by lodges and Christmassy decorations. *squeal*

Here's some of the snaps I took throughout the day! 

Before we woke her up to see if Santa had been. It felt like a crime waking a poorly baby! Note: we did wake up at 8am lol! Not 5am or some crazy early time. 

First ever present opened on Christmas morning! I love this photo! Such a family moment. 

Rocking the Christmas hat! Even caught a smile! 

Waiting for our Christmas dinner! Mummy daughter piccy! I like this one as she was looking slightly chirpier here! 

Earlier on in the day we went to have breakfast with Santa, didn't you know he did breakfast, bet not!? Haha. No tears again for Santa, if anything she looked at him like he was so weird. 

Opening her special present from Santa! Egg cups! We lost half before we even left! So that didn't last long at all. Sorry Santa! 

All in all it was a jolly good day for all. Penny loved what she managed to experience. And I look forward to many more years of making it as special for her as I can. By next year she'll be tearing the paper herself! Leaving milk and cookies for Santa! Eeek I'm excited for next year already! 

Love Lorraine 

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  1. aww lovely photos. Glad she had a good 1st Christmas despite being poorly.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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