Penelope's 6 Month Update!

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What a month!? So far throughout the past 6 months this has been the busiest month yet. What with Christmas, birthdays, new year, a puppy, a home, and a baby! It's been one heck of a whirlwind. We've hardly been home, which has been nice to be honest with you. No housework! Yippee. Penny become poorly around Christmas too, so manic is an understatement. 

I'd say the only down side to not being home much is that Penny didn't cope well with her routine being all over the place. Not being in her familiar surroundings has had its toll on her. She was in such a clock work routine and now we wince whenever bedtime is near. She just keeps waking during the night, sometimes just crying and others wanting an extra two feeds a night. You could say I'm sleep deprived and darn right delirious lately. What mum isn't lol! But I feel extra extra sleep deprived! :P

She become ill on Christmas Eve Eve, what luck?! I'd built up her first Christmas so much that I was so gutted for her, I wanted her to have this magical day. Don't get me wrong it was magical but I felt awful knowing she was so poorly and she was sleeping all day trying to recover. What does a 5 and a half month know about Christmas anyway right?! I'm sure she appreciated all the snuggles and snuffle babe (vapor rub for babies). Water eyes, congestion, snotty nose, loss of appetite, sleepless nights, temperatures, rotten belly aches from wind. The works, my poor poor baby Pennypops.  

Once home we started trying to get back to normal, setting the routine back in place, starting up her weaning again as she just refused any food while poorly. It took a few days to get her appetite back but it's well and truly come back in full force. I'm so glad as a lot of people were mentioned how she looked thinner. *gulp* I felt like I was the worst mum and worries they thought I was doing something wrong. 

She has improved hugely on her physical development this month, all of a sudden she is able to sit up mostly unsupported but with cushions for safe landing if she tilts over to far. She uses her arms in front to keep her balance and likes to play with toys and grab whatever she can get her hands on. Also I've found this is fab for getting any trapped wind up, many a time I've sat her down and a big'ol burp comes trumping up! She is standing supported with much stronger legs and better balance. She likes to be sat on my knee being swung back and forth to 'row row your boat' another great wind reliever! She can grab her toes, feet and legs even has control now to out her toes in her mouth. If laying down flat on her back you can bet your bottom dollar this is the first thing she'll start to do. Along with start babbling out at me, she enjoys a good old baby chin wag with mummy and daddy. 

We had her weighed this month after missing out last month (still feel awful about it). She was 17.9lbs. I thought she'd be a lot more to be honest with you, but I think she would've if she wasn't so poorly. She just didn't eat or drink that much over that week. It took her a good while to get her appetite back properly.  

Daddy's birthday was so much fun it was our first proper meal with no baby stress and we all sat and enjoyed our meals. Penny seemed to enjoy watching us eating and was pretty occupied with a prawn cracker that we gave her to play and explore. It was a lovely evening, the cheeky minx even got to help daddy blow out his birthday candles. (Not that she did much blowing). 

The biggest thing that has happened this month is that weaning has begun in full force, it's been back and forth between babyled weaning and purée feeding. I'm just trying to figure out what works for her best. What I have found though is that she enjoys a pleasant mixture of the two. Penny has her banana, toast, cucumber, rusks, or other such fingers foods with a meal. For example breakfast, a banana with the peel left on a little for her to hold it by with some porridge after she's done with her fruit. She's enjoying independence of finger foods I believe. She shows me that she's proud of herself always giving me a huge grin or a squeal of excitement when sucking on her toast or banana for example! We've since gone up to follow on milk since weaning has fully started and is in a rather peachy routine now.

Breakfast: A finger food with porridge, Lunch: she only has some kind of finger food right now.
Dinner she has a veg and fruit puree's and a finger food.
Still on 4 bottles a day 7o. Eating well, but some feeds she is drinking a little less on. 

One of the hardest changes this month is her bedtime sleeping habits. Her routine was solid bedtime 6.15pm wake up 8.30. But since Christmas had to completely start from scratch teaching her a routine all over again, because she was so out of whack from being ill she had lost track completely of her normal routine. Last night infact was our first proper full night sleep with only 2 quick wakings for her dummy. Before that she's been waking up for 1 or more feelings, night terrors, tummy aches, unsettledness. Just everything and anything was wrecking her sleep it was awful and I was nearing the end of my tether and that's being honest. I was so exhausted, I still am but I'm trying to get myself to bed a lot earlier to catch up on missed sleep. 

Penny has started to move secretly too, she won't do it in front of us yet, she seems to only do it in her cot after she wakes from a nap. I'll put her down to sleep at the bottom of the cot and I'll go in to find her sideways with her feet hanging out the bars. Only once has I gone in and she's rolled onto her stomach. It's quite fun/scary to know she's starting to be on the move. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so quickly.

Baby tantrums have begun. This makes me smile, even after 6 months Penny still hates to be burped, you'd think by now she's be used to it. If I don't have her sunny at hand for her to suckle on she will cry and winge throughout the burping process. She only takes a minute to wind yet that minute to Penny is the worst thing in the world. Bless her! 

No much has changed this month other than that, I feel she's just improving her skills she developed from last month. For example her sitting up is getting much better, and she is always holding her feet and swaying to and fro holding them in the air.

Love Lorraine

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