My 12 Mummy Musts For Penelope 0-6 Months

Every mum by now will know what works or doesn't work for them and their babies. Throughout the last 6 months I've come to realise I rely on certain items to help make my life easier or to simply aid the process of comforting or caring for Penny. To make it better for her or myself even, it's so important that both of us are happy. I completely understand if some mums disagree with any of these items as some are quite controversial but I've found them all to be complete life savers at some stage of my parenting journey so far. Sometimes I sit and think what would I do without any of these things. When it has come to a moment when I haven't had access to them it's complete and utter choas. So these are what have worked for us the last 6 months! 

Perfect prep

How do mums cope without this gadget...to me this has been gods greatest gift! 2 minutes and a bottle ready to go?! Genius. I wouldn't know what to do without it frankly so simple and easy to use. Make the bottles as you go, if your baby wants water, get it straight from the machine at perfect temperature straight away. Ajust how many ounces you wants for each bottle according to your baby. Amazing just simply amazing. The only thing I would snag about is I'd love it even more if it just came out in 30 seconds because my baby sometimes struggles with the 2 minutes haha! She's very impatient when she wants something she will let you know about it, if you know what I mean?!


The dummy, pacifier, sucker, doe doe, dum dum, whatever you may call it. Not everyone agrees with a baby or child having a dummy but I personally have given mine one. When she was born I was breastfeeding I had to stop for personal reasons and Penny was over compensating her feeds demanding to be fed constantly like she did on the breast. She was trying to comfort feed, in the end we took her to the doctor and they actually recommended us to buy her a orthopaedic dummy, so she can use that for comfort instead of feeds as she always wanted to suckle. I was blown away when the doctor mentioned it because I didn't think it was advised, I always assumed they looked down on people who gave their children dummy's. I guess times have changed a lot. We decided to try it out and lone behold she got the hang of it rather quickly. Since then we haven't looked back since. She has her dummy for bedtime, naps and during the day when she is frustrated. We don't want her to be a five year old with a dummy or anything like that at all. We hope when she understands the world a little better we can reduce the dummy and find other comforts for her. She's nearly always contented and is doing great with her feeds. The only thing I don't like about it is that once you give them a dummy that is it, there's not a chance to go back as they then rely on it.  

Bella butterfly sleeping buddy

Sleeping buddie (Bella Butterfly) is one of Pennys favourite items. This little gem has a heart beat sound option which runs for around 10 minutes or so I've never really counted, but long enough for her to drift off to sleep. I think it helps her relax in order to get to sleep. A comfort noise I suppose. She knows it's time for sleep when she hears it, quite clever really. If she unsettles and won't go back on her own I pop Bella on and voilĂ . A sleeping Penny. If the battery's run out, the tumble dryer is always another option (we live in a flat right now so she can hear it). Also it sings and has star lights all of great help to get baby to sleep. Penny m also loves to play with her Bella, and often I'll find her on the other side of the cot as she's thrown it around lol! 

Huggies nappies

Rather boring your thinking I suppose?! Nappies? Snoooooze. But fear not, these nappies are by far the best. Huggies. We get them from Costco in a big box so we are well stocked up. I've tried so many different nappies and all leave me in the sh*t! I get a poopy leak or a wet leak, or penny wakes up soaked right through! It just isn't what I want to have to deal with. I'm sure no mummy does. These nappies however are snug fit and super absorbent. No wet leak issues as yet and no poopy leaks! Disclaimer: Although the clothes stay fresh the inside of the nappy however DOES NOT! Haha. 

This has been the most fun toy or an entertainment station whatever you want to call it! It's wonderful to be able to just pop Penny in it, she can play and jump around keeping her stimulated while strengthening her legs at the same time! I've enjoyed sitting down also joining in with her playing in their. In the last month or so she's really enjoyed it to the point she try to rocket herself out of the jumperoo itself squealing with excitement. I love watching her in it while I do bits and pops in the living room and kitchen. Its a somewhere safe, secure, and fun for Penny to explore.


I adore watching her snuggle into her comforter, such relief and satisfaction on her little face. Eyes rolling back in relaxing bliss. Where ever we go or whatever the situation with this she will not settle to sleep. How she knows it's not there I'll never know but she is very clever in knowing the difference. Ellie the elephant is what it's called. A present from my nana to Penny. She grabs, pulls and cuddles it, rubs her face against it and chucks it around when frustrated. Never leave the house without Ellie or she will not be happy. 

5 little ducks song (YouTube)

Every baby has their favourite songs, it might be twinkle twinkle or bah bah black sheep. Pennys however is the 5 little ducks song. If she's going down for a nap and wants to fight it or she's crying after a bath this is her go to comfort song. She's OBSESSED with anything with ducks. Toys, this song, the word 'duck', if she see's any duck she will automatically have a huge grin on her face. It's also the first thing she ever giggled at! I quite enjoy singing this song too, quite a catchy little tune. 
See right here here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F2OpkQuOjig 

Sleeping bag

The safest sleeping option alternatives to blankets. I sleep easier at night knowing she can't kick the blankets over her face or get tangled up in them. A simple favourite but it's a must have for us. I know how active Penny gets when she wakes up, her legs fly all over the shop. It's far to unsafe for a blanket just now especially as she's not 100% with her grip and hand coordination just yet. She uses a 2.5 tog sleeping bag, they are great for your babies to grow into too as they have plenty of growth room. As soon as I put her down for bed and start doing up the poppers and zip she'll be out like a light like she realises that it's bedtime. Another handy perk is that if she wakes up during the night with a belly ache or wanting a bottle (our current situation) then you don't have to remove the baby from it, simply put on a bib and keep them nice and warm. It's far less hassle when putting her back to bed. 

Gripe water 

Penny has been using gripe water since she was newborn, it is the most vital product ive come across. This stuff is like magic in a bottle. Without it Penny gets the worst stomach aches and will cry real tears relentlessly screaming until her wind comes up. This stuff we give her after each bottle followed by a burping any left over wind comes up and prevents it from building up to bad. I've never known such a gassy/windy baby in all my life. I find it satisfying when burping her, if one comes up it's like I've completed a mission or something. 

Baby massage 

I never thought baby massage would any  be of an use to us, I just decided to tag along as after having Penny I wanted to get out the house abit. It was only 4 sessions, one a week for 30 minutes. Little did I know I'd be using it in different  situations throughout each day. I often get a screaming wind filled baby. Penny suffers with colic has done quite badly since she was born. Even now as 6 months she still gets the build ups. Hopefully that'll calm down soon. I use baby massage techniques to encourage the wind to move through her intestines so that it comes out of the exit. It helps so much that after a good old massage Penny becomes much more contented and comfortable.

Changing matt distractions

Many a dramatic nappy changing experience has been made better by the following items by her changing table. I hung little yellow booties for her to play with (or eat as she prefers), a musical pull down toy, hanging heart decorations, a dress from when she was newborn, and on the shelving above I have glow in the dark stickers! Penny doesn't mind the nappy changes but when it comes to getting dressed sometimes she'll have a tantrum about it. So in these fidget bum screaming moments I'll distract her with some of the bits hanging up, I'll point out the stickers, or put on that musical toy. It works wonders 99% of the time for me. 


I feel slightly bad for saying cartoons are one of my musts, but I don't mean I stick her in front of the tv for hours on end. I pop her in her bouncer after a bottle to let it go down as she gets quite sick if she moves about to much. I let her watch some of her favourite cartoons such as Bananas In Pyjamas, Ben and Holly, and Tickey Toc just for short intervals during the day. She loves it and sometimes I'll hear her babbling to the characters. I also notice her favourite film is Finding Nemo. She'll bend left, right, backwards, and forwards to look at the to for it. For those precious few minutes I'll tidy up the kitchen, living room or quickly get dressed. Either way I try to get as many bits done as I can. 

Love Lorraine

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  1. I didn't think they made Huggies nappies anymore?! Must just be able to get them from costco - gutted!

    I must admit, prep machine would be top of my list too - sometimes, when nobody's around, I give it a kiss! Lifesaver.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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