Baby Activity: Wet Tray Play!

You will need: 
A high chair
Water however little of as much as you want depending on the mess you want to clear up (I used warm water as it's pretty cold here)
Some water safe toys, or bottle tops (as they float).

This was a lot of fun to watch Penny doing, she hasent quite grasped splashing yet but she was moving her toys around and sucking the water of them and her hands. She enjoyed herself rather a lot once she got used to it. The girl was completely soaked through! So easy and doesn't cost a thing. It's nice to know she can do this activity for a long time yet and as she grows she'll enjoy it more and learn from it! 

The clear up wasent too bad just a tea towel for the floor and high chair, super!

Love Lorraine 

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  1. Oh this is fab, I'm definitely going to try this with Jasmine this week. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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