Tonight Is A Hard Night.

I've heard such sad news this evening and its hit me so close to home that I'm terrified to sleep and leave Penelope to her own dreams. I want to go into her room, wake her up and play all night just so I know she's safe and happy. How isit that after a great day spent with your baby the next morning there's a risk you'd go to see that glorious morning smile from your little one and they won't wake up. How does that happen? Why? and why the fuck does that situation even exist! It's sick, wrong, and unhuman.

I'm sat in bed exhausted after a day with a teething terror baby. I found today and yesterday so hard, I just couldn't wait for Penny's bedtime to come. It sounds awful but sometimes you need time to relax and not have a baby screaming at you all day because they aren't feeling themselves.  But now after reading this news, I lay here feeling panicked, sad, and craving for my Penelope to be sleeping by my side. Not in the next room. I want to watch her chest beat up and down. I want to hear her snores and grunts. I want to see her little hands curl out for me when she realises I'm right there on a quick awakening. I want my baby girl right here, right now.   

She's sleeping next door I had to go and check she was okay. She was... peacefully sleeping. How does a mother sleep after reading such terrifying news. No mother should ever have to experience the loss of a child. Ever. 

I cannot express my fear to loosing my baby. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with her I was too paranoid for words that it would lead to a miscarriage, something would happen in my mind. I was going to loose her I thought daily. I longed for the day she would be born and safe within my arms. But it turns out there's a whole other world of dangers that have greeted us too.  I do my best to keep her from any possible dangers, more than some mums maybe. It has been mentioned i go abit over board. She's the most treasured part of my life why would I not protect her from everything and everyone who could post risk of hurting her. 

There's always going to be one thing I can't protect her from though, one place that I'll never be able to stop her from going. And that's sleep. You can't stop a baby sleeping can you? A silent killer, with no warnings or signs, it can take a child just like that.  I've never let myself think about such a situation before but now having it in writing, a real life situation with people I know involved. It's right up on the top of my thoughts! Something I'm not going to be able to relax about for a long long time. I just had to write something, I had to get this off my chest. I want to type it out a million times and say it to her over and over until she understands.

I love you. I love you more than anything in this entire world. And I always will. Xxx

In this day and age we shouldn't have to worry about our children sleeping. It shouldn't be happening.

Sweet dreams my gorgeous girl, and with every fibre in my body I pray you wake up everyday until your a very old life for-filled happy lady with lots of beautiful grandchildren to which you can finally decided peacefully when your time has come. And not a day sooner than that. 

All my love mummy. 


BLW: My Lunch Thursday! Baby Pizzas.

On days like today when I desperately needed to go to the shop to do some food shopping the weather was utterly  disgusting.. And I'll be damned if I was going out in it. Instead I decided that there must be something I can rustle up for us to eat! The conclusion was toast with chopped tomatoes and cheese! I'd never personally tried this before but in the end I loved it and so did Penny. 

-White baguette (toasted on the grill) 
-Chopped tomatoes
-Grated cheese 

Someone mentioned to me that they look like mini pizzas! And that's just what they are baby pizza's. They are perfect for blw. All I did was soak the toasted bread in the (heated) tomatoes for a little bit add some cheese and voila! It's super easy for them enjoy and so easy to make. 

10/10 from us! 

Love Lorraine


Unintentional Bouncer Pose

 I was talking to my dear friend the other day Tinyfootsteps, we were talking nonsense about anything and everything as we always do. She said something about it being nice when your baby starts to sit unattended and be able to move around because then you can take pictures of your child in another place other than their bouncers. This set off a light bulb in my head, as I really had done exactly that.

I've unknowingly unintentionally put Penelope in the same place to take a lot of her pictures through her first 6 month of life. Lets face it she cant stand up with her hands on her hips along with a big puffy pout on her face can she? So instead, I'd pop her somewhere safe, comfortable, and in a easy photo friendly place, be it her bouncer. 

Once I had realised id been doing this I jumped straight onto the computer to gather as many photos as I could squeeze into one blog post, so I could put together a few collages of Penny as she has grown these last few months. Starting from newborn onwards to 6 Months.

Luckily I had done this because she is on the verge of mastering sitting up unattended now, so she wont need her bouncer for much longer. Which brings me to a whole new chapter of trying to capture photos of my baby as she becomes mobile, I imagine this isn't going to be easy. All in the adventure of parenthood though!

My friends blog is well worth a read, she really is a wonderful lady.

Love Lorraine


Baby Activity: Wet Tray Play!

You will need: 
A high chair
Water however little of as much as you want depending on the mess you want to clear up (I used warm water as it's pretty cold here)
Some water safe toys, or bottle tops (as they float).

This was a lot of fun to watch Penny doing, she hasent quite grasped splashing yet but she was moving her toys around and sucking the water of them and her hands. She enjoyed herself rather a lot once she got used to it. The girl was completely soaked through! So easy and doesn't cost a thing. It's nice to know she can do this activity for a long time yet and as she grows she'll enjoy it more and learn from it! 

The clear up wasent too bad just a tea towel for the floor and high chair, super!

Love Lorraine 


My 12 Mummy Musts For Penelope 0-6 Months

Every mum by now will know what works or doesn't work for them and their babies. Throughout the last 6 months I've come to realise I rely on certain items to help make my life easier or to simply aid the process of comforting or caring for Penny. To make it better for her or myself even, it's so important that both of us are happy. I completely understand if some mums disagree with any of these items as some are quite controversial but I've found them all to be complete life savers at some stage of my parenting journey so far. Sometimes I sit and think what would I do without any of these things. When it has come to a moment when I haven't had access to them it's complete and utter choas. So these are what have worked for us the last 6 months! 

Perfect prep

How do mums cope without this gadget...to me this has been gods greatest gift! 2 minutes and a bottle ready to go?! Genius. I wouldn't know what to do without it frankly so simple and easy to use. Make the bottles as you go, if your baby wants water, get it straight from the machine at perfect temperature straight away. Ajust how many ounces you wants for each bottle according to your baby. Amazing just simply amazing. The only thing I would snag about is I'd love it even more if it just came out in 30 seconds because my baby sometimes struggles with the 2 minutes haha! She's very impatient when she wants something she will let you know about it, if you know what I mean?!


The dummy, pacifier, sucker, doe doe, dum dum, whatever you may call it. Not everyone agrees with a baby or child having a dummy but I personally have given mine one. When she was born I was breastfeeding I had to stop for personal reasons and Penny was over compensating her feeds demanding to be fed constantly like she did on the breast. She was trying to comfort feed, in the end we took her to the doctor and they actually recommended us to buy her a orthopaedic dummy, so she can use that for comfort instead of feeds as she always wanted to suckle. I was blown away when the doctor mentioned it because I didn't think it was advised, I always assumed they looked down on people who gave their children dummy's. I guess times have changed a lot. We decided to try it out and lone behold she got the hang of it rather quickly. Since then we haven't looked back since. She has her dummy for bedtime, naps and during the day when she is frustrated. We don't want her to be a five year old with a dummy or anything like that at all. We hope when she understands the world a little better we can reduce the dummy and find other comforts for her. She's nearly always contented and is doing great with her feeds. The only thing I don't like about it is that once you give them a dummy that is it, there's not a chance to go back as they then rely on it.  

Bella butterfly sleeping buddy

Sleeping buddie (Bella Butterfly) is one of Pennys favourite items. This little gem has a heart beat sound option which runs for around 10 minutes or so I've never really counted, but long enough for her to drift off to sleep. I think it helps her relax in order to get to sleep. A comfort noise I suppose. She knows it's time for sleep when she hears it, quite clever really. If she unsettles and won't go back on her own I pop Bella on and voilà. A sleeping Penny. If the battery's run out, the tumble dryer is always another option (we live in a flat right now so she can hear it). Also it sings and has star lights all of great help to get baby to sleep. Penny m also loves to play with her Bella, and often I'll find her on the other side of the cot as she's thrown it around lol! 

Huggies nappies

Rather boring your thinking I suppose?! Nappies? Snoooooze. But fear not, these nappies are by far the best. Huggies. We get them from Costco in a big box so we are well stocked up. I've tried so many different nappies and all leave me in the sh*t! I get a poopy leak or a wet leak, or penny wakes up soaked right through! It just isn't what I want to have to deal with. I'm sure no mummy does. These nappies however are snug fit and super absorbent. No wet leak issues as yet and no poopy leaks! Disclaimer: Although the clothes stay fresh the inside of the nappy however DOES NOT! Haha. 

This has been the most fun toy or an entertainment station whatever you want to call it! It's wonderful to be able to just pop Penny in it, she can play and jump around keeping her stimulated while strengthening her legs at the same time! I've enjoyed sitting down also joining in with her playing in their. In the last month or so she's really enjoyed it to the point she try to rocket herself out of the jumperoo itself squealing with excitement. I love watching her in it while I do bits and pops in the living room and kitchen. Its a somewhere safe, secure, and fun for Penny to explore.


I adore watching her snuggle into her comforter, such relief and satisfaction on her little face. Eyes rolling back in relaxing bliss. Where ever we go or whatever the situation with this she will not settle to sleep. How she knows it's not there I'll never know but she is very clever in knowing the difference. Ellie the elephant is what it's called. A present from my nana to Penny. She grabs, pulls and cuddles it, rubs her face against it and chucks it around when frustrated. Never leave the house without Ellie or she will not be happy. 

5 little ducks song (YouTube)

Every baby has their favourite songs, it might be twinkle twinkle or bah bah black sheep. Pennys however is the 5 little ducks song. If she's going down for a nap and wants to fight it or she's crying after a bath this is her go to comfort song. She's OBSESSED with anything with ducks. Toys, this song, the word 'duck', if she see's any duck she will automatically have a huge grin on her face. It's also the first thing she ever giggled at! I quite enjoy singing this song too, quite a catchy little tune. 
See right here here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F2OpkQuOjig 

Sleeping bag

The safest sleeping option alternatives to blankets. I sleep easier at night knowing she can't kick the blankets over her face or get tangled up in them. A simple favourite but it's a must have for us. I know how active Penny gets when she wakes up, her legs fly all over the shop. It's far to unsafe for a blanket just now especially as she's not 100% with her grip and hand coordination just yet. She uses a 2.5 tog sleeping bag, they are great for your babies to grow into too as they have plenty of growth room. As soon as I put her down for bed and start doing up the poppers and zip she'll be out like a light like she realises that it's bedtime. Another handy perk is that if she wakes up during the night with a belly ache or wanting a bottle (our current situation) then you don't have to remove the baby from it, simply put on a bib and keep them nice and warm. It's far less hassle when putting her back to bed. 

Gripe water 

Penny has been using gripe water since she was newborn, it is the most vital product ive come across. This stuff is like magic in a bottle. Without it Penny gets the worst stomach aches and will cry real tears relentlessly screaming until her wind comes up. This stuff we give her after each bottle followed by a burping any left over wind comes up and prevents it from building up to bad. I've never known such a gassy/windy baby in all my life. I find it satisfying when burping her, if one comes up it's like I've completed a mission or something. 

Baby massage 

I never thought baby massage would any  be of an use to us, I just decided to tag along as after having Penny I wanted to get out the house abit. It was only 4 sessions, one a week for 30 minutes. Little did I know I'd be using it in different  situations throughout each day. I often get a screaming wind filled baby. Penny suffers with colic has done quite badly since she was born. Even now as 6 months she still gets the build ups. Hopefully that'll calm down soon. I use baby massage techniques to encourage the wind to move through her intestines so that it comes out of the exit. It helps so much that after a good old massage Penny becomes much more contented and comfortable.

Changing matt distractions

Many a dramatic nappy changing experience has been made better by the following items by her changing table. I hung little yellow booties for her to play with (or eat as she prefers), a musical pull down toy, hanging heart decorations, a dress from when she was newborn, and on the shelving above I have glow in the dark stickers! Penny doesn't mind the nappy changes but when it comes to getting dressed sometimes she'll have a tantrum about it. So in these fidget bum screaming moments I'll distract her with some of the bits hanging up, I'll point out the stickers, or put on that musical toy. It works wonders 99% of the time for me. 


I feel slightly bad for saying cartoons are one of my musts, but I don't mean I stick her in front of the tv for hours on end. I pop her in her bouncer after a bottle to let it go down as she gets quite sick if she moves about to much. I let her watch some of her favourite cartoons such as Bananas In Pyjamas, Ben and Holly, and Tickey Toc just for short intervals during the day. She loves it and sometimes I'll hear her babbling to the characters. I also notice her favourite film is Finding Nemo. She'll bend left, right, backwards, and forwards to look at the to for it. For those precious few minutes I'll tidy up the kitchen, living room or quickly get dressed. Either way I try to get as many bits done as I can. 

Love Lorraine


Baby Activity: No Mess Painting!

I've decided it's time to start making more effort to stimulate Penny as she's becoming much more alert and interested in the world around her. It's only right that I should let her explore new things and show her all the fun things she can do. Even at 6 months it's important to keep busy and enrich the mind. Before now I have interacted with Penny and we've done a few activities but nowhere near as often as I would like.

 My goal is to do some kind of activity with Penny every day whether she be doing it for 2 minutes or it keep her busy for 1 hour. The first activity we did was...No mess painting. I found this on the wonderful 'Pinterest', it's full of so many fun ideas for you and your baby to do and even as they grow up. All I did was buy some bright coloured paints, a zip lock bag and some celotape. 

  •  Put the paints inside the bag into each corner a different colour. 
  • I did up the zip lock bad and added some celotape just to be extra cautious of no paint spillage. 
  • Then taped it to her high chair within reach of her little hands. 
  • Then it's time to start.

Penny absolutely loved it, I always know when she's intriguied by something as she won't flash you a smile or even respond to me talking to her. She's to focused on what's in front of her. This kept her busy for a good 20 minutes, which I think is quite a while for a baby of 6 months. Once she was finished I just peeled off the tape and popped everything in the bin! It was as easy as that, and what a bonus no mass mess to clear up afterwards either. We will definitely be doing this activity again. 
Love Lorraine 


Penelope's 6 Month Update!

*Picture Heavy Post*

What a month!? So far throughout the past 6 months this has been the busiest month yet. What with Christmas, birthdays, new year, a puppy, a home, and a baby! It's been one heck of a whirlwind. We've hardly been home, which has been nice to be honest with you. No housework! Yippee. Penny become poorly around Christmas too, so manic is an understatement. 

I'd say the only down side to not being home much is that Penny didn't cope well with her routine being all over the place. Not being in her familiar surroundings has had its toll on her. She was in such a clock work routine and now we wince whenever bedtime is near. She just keeps waking during the night, sometimes just crying and others wanting an extra two feeds a night. You could say I'm sleep deprived and darn right delirious lately. What mum isn't lol! But I feel extra extra sleep deprived! :P

She become ill on Christmas Eve Eve, what luck?! I'd built up her first Christmas so much that I was so gutted for her, I wanted her to have this magical day. Don't get me wrong it was magical but I felt awful knowing she was so poorly and she was sleeping all day trying to recover. What does a 5 and a half month know about Christmas anyway right?! I'm sure she appreciated all the snuggles and snuffle babe (vapor rub for babies). Water eyes, congestion, snotty nose, loss of appetite, sleepless nights, temperatures, rotten belly aches from wind. The works, my poor poor baby Pennypops.  

Once home we started trying to get back to normal, setting the routine back in place, starting up her weaning again as she just refused any food while poorly. It took a few days to get her appetite back but it's well and truly come back in full force. I'm so glad as a lot of people were mentioned how she looked thinner. *gulp* I felt like I was the worst mum and worries they thought I was doing something wrong. 

She has improved hugely on her physical development this month, all of a sudden she is able to sit up mostly unsupported but with cushions for safe landing if she tilts over to far. She uses her arms in front to keep her balance and likes to play with toys and grab whatever she can get her hands on. Also I've found this is fab for getting any trapped wind up, many a time I've sat her down and a big'ol burp comes trumping up! She is standing supported with much stronger legs and better balance. She likes to be sat on my knee being swung back and forth to 'row row your boat' another great wind reliever! She can grab her toes, feet and legs even has control now to out her toes in her mouth. If laying down flat on her back you can bet your bottom dollar this is the first thing she'll start to do. Along with start babbling out at me, she enjoys a good old baby chin wag with mummy and daddy. 

We had her weighed this month after missing out last month (still feel awful about it). She was 17.9lbs. I thought she'd be a lot more to be honest with you, but I think she would've if she wasn't so poorly. She just didn't eat or drink that much over that week. It took her a good while to get her appetite back properly.  

Daddy's birthday was so much fun it was our first proper meal with no baby stress and we all sat and enjoyed our meals. Penny seemed to enjoy watching us eating and was pretty occupied with a prawn cracker that we gave her to play and explore. It was a lovely evening, the cheeky minx even got to help daddy blow out his birthday candles. (Not that she did much blowing). 

The biggest thing that has happened this month is that weaning has begun in full force, it's been back and forth between babyled weaning and purée feeding. I'm just trying to figure out what works for her best. What I have found though is that she enjoys a pleasant mixture of the two. Penny has her banana, toast, cucumber, rusks, or other such fingers foods with a meal. For example breakfast, a banana with the peel left on a little for her to hold it by with some porridge after she's done with her fruit. She's enjoying independence of finger foods I believe. She shows me that she's proud of herself always giving me a huge grin or a squeal of excitement when sucking on her toast or banana for example! We've since gone up to follow on milk since weaning has fully started and is in a rather peachy routine now.

Breakfast: A finger food with porridge, Lunch: she only has some kind of finger food right now.
Dinner she has a veg and fruit puree's and a finger food.
Still on 4 bottles a day 7o. Eating well, but some feeds she is drinking a little less on. 

One of the hardest changes this month is her bedtime sleeping habits. Her routine was solid bedtime 6.15pm wake up 8.30. But since Christmas had to completely start from scratch teaching her a routine all over again, because she was so out of whack from being ill she had lost track completely of her normal routine. Last night infact was our first proper full night sleep with only 2 quick wakings for her dummy. Before that she's been waking up for 1 or more feelings, night terrors, tummy aches, unsettledness. Just everything and anything was wrecking her sleep it was awful and I was nearing the end of my tether and that's being honest. I was so exhausted, I still am but I'm trying to get myself to bed a lot earlier to catch up on missed sleep. 

Penny has started to move secretly too, she won't do it in front of us yet, she seems to only do it in her cot after she wakes from a nap. I'll put her down to sleep at the bottom of the cot and I'll go in to find her sideways with her feet hanging out the bars. Only once has I gone in and she's rolled onto her stomach. It's quite fun/scary to know she's starting to be on the move. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so quickly.

Baby tantrums have begun. This makes me smile, even after 6 months Penny still hates to be burped, you'd think by now she's be used to it. If I don't have her sunny at hand for her to suckle on she will cry and winge throughout the burping process. She only takes a minute to wind yet that minute to Penny is the worst thing in the world. Bless her! 

No much has changed this month other than that, I feel she's just improving her skills she developed from last month. For example her sitting up is getting much better, and she is always holding her feet and swaying to and fro holding them in the air.

Love Lorraine

BLW: What I ate Sunday! Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Today for breakfast I had toast with mashed banana! I liked it so much I sucked the toast till it was sopping wet and gooey. I could tell mum really enjoyed the clean up. 

Today for lunch I had Apple wedges, half a rusk and some pear purée! Today's lunch was a good mix of flavours. Exploring was so much fun that I kept getting bursts of excitement! Although obviously I am not eating the food as such. I like to taste it all and take in tiny amounts as I'm only learning. Mummy says I'm doing great and gives me lots of encouragement! Daddy gave me lunch today, I kept him on the edge of his seat as I had a few gagging moments which daddy isn't used too! 

And lastly for dinner I had steamed carrots for finger food with homemade carrot and pea purée. I loved the pea and carrot purée but the carrots on their own ergh, I just kept spitting those out. I'm not too keen!

I even went to put a few spoons in my own mouth. Okay not with much food on it but I knew exactly what to do. I licked all the peas off it! Nom nom!

Love Penny 


Penelopes First Christmas!

25/12/2014- Pennys first christmas experience!

Okay, it didn't quite work out as magical as I'd hoped as Penny developed a horrid cold on Christmas Eve EVE. What luck right?! Poor gal, she suffered so much, it was awful to see as a parent, especially at christmas. Regardless of how poorly she was and the fact she slept pretty much 90% of Christmas Day. I tried to make her day as lovely for her as possible for the short moments she was awake. 

I realise she's way to young to understand the concept of Christmas. So many people have made comments to me on this. But the way I see it is when she is I don't know say 6 or 8 years old and I show her those pictures of Santa coming to see her even when she was tiny...How excited do you think she'll be? I recon she'll darn well love it. And even appreciate it when she's alot older. I love looking back of pictures of myself even now! We didn't stay home this Christmas we went and spent it at Centre Parks! It was so festive and fun! Spending Christmas in the forest, surround by lodges and Christmassy decorations. *squeal*

Here's some of the snaps I took throughout the day! 

Before we woke her up to see if Santa had been. It felt like a crime waking a poorly baby! Note: we did wake up at 8am lol! Not 5am or some crazy early time. 

First ever present opened on Christmas morning! I love this photo! Such a family moment. 

Rocking the Christmas hat! Even caught a smile! 

Waiting for our Christmas dinner! Mummy daughter piccy! I like this one as she was looking slightly chirpier here! 

Earlier on in the day we went to have breakfast with Santa, didn't you know he did breakfast, bet not!? Haha. No tears again for Santa, if anything she looked at him like he was so weird. 

Opening her special present from Santa! Egg cups! We lost half before we even left! So that didn't last long at all. Sorry Santa! 

All in all it was a jolly good day for all. Penny loved what she managed to experience. And I look forward to many more years of making it as special for her as I can. By next year she'll be tearing the paper herself! Leaving milk and cookies for Santa! Eeek I'm excited for next year already! 

Love Lorraine 

BLW: What I Ate For Breakfast Friday!

Mummy made some porridge mixed in with mashed banana and also on the side half a banana with some skin left on so I can grab hold of it easily. At first I had a good old munch on the banana but then I dropped it in the porridge uh-oh!

Not so bad in the end, I didn't eat much porridge instead I prefer to paint my high chair with it, i'm so creative! 

Love Penny xxx