Penelope's 5 Month Update

*Picture Heavy Post*

This month has well and truly whizzed past, what with Christmas approaching so quickly! It's been a bizarre month, there's no other way to describe it other than just bizarre haha! It's had magical moments and moments where I'm close to erupting into full blown tears. 

Penny has just come out of her 4th leap in her mental development, it had been a difficult month. In her last update I mentioned she had been very clingy and her moods were fragile. So coming out of the leap was a confusing journey. One day she would be back to her chirpy old self and then next minute she'd be hysterical and nothing would make it better. Not even mummy, I'd just hold her tight and sing to her until she calmed down and exhausted herself to sleep.

The last 2 weeks I would say she's successfully been back to herself. Only, she's changed and grown immensely in many of her developing skills, she's growing more confident every single day.

- Her hands are grasping with ease now. 
- Her legs are starting to support her weight.
- Her legs are forever up in the air and becoming increasingly more interesting, she'll try to catch her feet or her knees. 
- Babbling and interacting with people more. 
- You can tell when she is happy to see you, and she'll be upset when you leave or ignore her. 
- She's becoming more playful by wanting to play with toys. 
- She loves to feel new things, faces, hair, Christmas tree decorations. 
- Sitting up is getting easier and Penny is even starting to sit and then reach for things while sitting up. 
- Tummy time is starting to be tolerated for longer time periods. Shes starting to enjoy it even.
- She is increasingly trying to hold her own bottle, becoming quite stubborn at doing it herself too.
- Taking her own dummy out is a new fun game, she can get it out but not always back in! 

Her feeds are pretty much the same, 4 bottles and some days (it's increasingly going up) 5 bottles of 7o. The last week I've had to put her back on purées and her reaction was to squeal and smile the house down. Her favorite were apples she grinned the whole time unless the spoon was empty, then she'd grumble! She ate a whole small pouch of the stuff, I couldn't get it in quick enough! 

I didn't manage to get Penny weighed this month! I've just been to manic! I'm so gutted as I love seeing how much she's grown each month! But she has definitely grown.. A lot. My arms are really feeling it and so are her clothes, I am known to drinking things in the wash. Either way we'll be in the next size most likely by 6 months. 

There has been one bad point which has come up this month in full storm. Teething. She is struggling so much some days. The picture above was one of her worst, she was so miserable no matter what I'd try. It wasent enough to let her sleep, or even just relax. Her cheeks were red and boiling hot to the touch. Bonjela, calpol, teetha granules, and teething toys in and out the fridge. All not enough. 

I'm currently writing this post while on Penny's longest car journey yet. 2.5 hours and she's been a star so far. She doesn't really sleep for long in the car so she's wide awake. Stopping for a bottle at the next services and a chance for her to stretch her little legs! 

Back to the update ....

I could go endlessly on about the things she's learnt and is currently learning to do. I just find it so overwhelming. I know I probably say this every month and I'll still be saying it in the other yet to come. But when new things happen or she holds my lips, and smiles when I walk in the room, it simply blows me away. I can't even think about her without getting choked up.

      (My girl is 5 months old, holy cow!)
   (After a hysterical baby storm) 

(Tummy time? 'Not a problem mummy!')

              (The 'I'm tired eye rub')
(A tough teething day)

          (Falling to sleep on mummy!)

Love Lorraine 

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  1. Lovely update - she's really doesn't look like a little fragile baby anymore. The time goes way too fast.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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