Introducing Pippin!

Ever since I was young I had always wanted a Chihuahua. They were the perfect size as I'd never want a breed too big for me to handle. So I went for the smallest possible breed instead haha! We got him completely by chance, and decided out of the blue that we were going to view some puppies. We arrived to a breeder who had two little boys left. One was eating the breeders handbag and another sitting quietly in a tiny dog bed looking very nervous. Guess which one we went for? Of course the quiet one. We bought him home, and named him Pippin. 

Obviously knowing the dangers of dogs around babies I knew it was important we make it clear he's not to nip or harm her. He's doesn't try to nio but he does get to excited and gets abit up in her face at times. I can only say the training is still work in process. He actually tends to nip at me and Reese but not the baby. Maybe he knows she's only a baby like he is. 

They are never left alone together and are only interacting with each under my supervision. 

Penny and Pippin get on so well you just wouldn't believe it. Penny knows exactly who he is, and will look at him on the floor and will put her hands out for him and stroke him nicely herself too. He does tend to lick her hands but I'm always handy with a baby wipe! I encourage nice behaviour and disencourage naughty behaviours. 

If Pippin gets over excited he gets told 'No'  or will be put down away from us. He's doing pretty darn well for a young puppy. 

As far he's learnt to 'sit', wait for his food to be put down, and 'paw'.I'm yet to get him to master 'lay down' and 'in your bed'. I can only keep trying.
It feels great to have a family dog, I can't wait for picnics and family walks altogether. I want Penny and Pippin to be brought up together and have a strong bond. Already I can see they're starting to. There's been a few times when Penny has been screaming while I prep a bottle and she just has to wait, Pippin will jump in on the sofa, and sit by her nicely and she stops crying. Other times if Penny is being fed or put to sleep the dog will lay by me while she's fed or while I rock her to sleep. If she fusses in her bouncer he'll put his paws on and check she's okay

Pippin has also heard Penny cry before I have and will sit outside her door almost as if to say 'it's awake, I can hear it, come on women'. 

Of course he's just as much trouble as he is adorable. He chews anything left on the floor, shoes and clothes have been wrecked! Somehow he always finds something. He has skittish moments which always end up with someone tripping or even himself getting hurt. He'll get over excited and start nipping my hands. 

But I suppose he will soon grow out of the naughty puppy stage. 

Love Lorraine 

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  1. Aww I just wanna give him a cuddle. It will be so lovely to see him and Penny grow up together.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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