Penelope's 4 Month Update

Where have the last 4 months gone?! Honestly it has truly flown by, my newborn itsy bitsy baby girl is all of a sudden becoming her own person. They grow up so quickly! I've found there will be a day when out of nowhere she will learn something new or surprise us in some way. Penelope has come on leaps and bounds this month, it makes me quite emotional just thinking about where to begin. Slow down little one slow down. 

She has become very picky about who comes close to her or who gets to hold her. Mummy and daddy are excellent bets no worries there of course. Nanas and grandads are questionable. Sometimes she'll be completely fine and will smile and babble to them. Other times and the same for many other friends or family she will start to give a stiff lip and begin to winge, or simply burst into a screaming fit depending on her mood! It's very strange. 

She is having a rather clingy stage at the moment, she likes a good cuddle and sometimes just won't like being put down. I understand it's a feeling of anxiety, and it's her security and vunerability but for her sake and eventually for us (mum and dad) it'll be more comfortable for everyone if she didn't get so upset. Hopefully she'll start enjoy other family and friends in the upcoming months. I hate to see her genuinely upset. 

Her physical strength has improved massively. She is very steady sitting on my lap, sitting unsupported is still a long way off though of course. Holding her head up very well and when using motion to look up, down, left and right she's becoming a lot more confident. When she hears my voice she will on most occasions look for where I am. 

We have a new little Chihuahua puppy called Pippin, and Penny will watch him scarper around the floors and follow him around the room wherever he may go. She loves to watch him and will smile at him. 

She has a little quirky perk too of recently.  When you say something to her or try and make her smile. Sometimes she will go all girly and shy, quickly smile and shy away into my shoulder or into her shoulder. It's just the cutest thing!

We got her weighed at the end of October and she weighed 14.12 pounds!  How can this be?! She's a right little chunky monkey with rolls in her legs, creases in her arms! And a right little podgey belly which I adore! She couldn't be any cuter. I love a chunky baby. She was so skinny and had such long skinny legs when she was born, comparing her to now she's filled out realllllyyyyyy well! So I must be doing something right. 

I've noticed her continuous interest in trying to put things in her mouth, although she hasent quite mastered the nack as well as she would like. Penny being her diva little self gets frustrated when it doesn't go the way she likes. If it doesn't go into her mouth without to much fussing she will have a strop! Her face will scrunch up, her hands will start flying around and she may let out a grumpy grunt or growl with a little red flustered face. It humours me a lot! Who knew a baby of 4 months could have a tantrum haha. The good news is she will try and try again until she gets it. Always good to keep trying I say! Never give up.

I feel teething is a big part of this new found hobby. She loves rubbing on her gums whether it be a dummy squeaking on them, a muslin cloth rubbing them, or a teething toy if I hold it for her. Her cheeks are becoming a regular shade of pink with a hot temperature. And the dribbling, oh the dribbling! It's like a stubborn tap drip that won't stop. I'm forever changing vests, changing her dribble bibs or even my own tops. 

The month included many a tastful first such as baby rice, bananas, apples and carrots. Her favourite I would say were the apples. Her face was truly one to remember, pulling a real eye squinting pouted mouth little face! She would smile at me as if to say 'Mmm mum I'm really enjoy this'. 

But this last week she has totally gone off any baby purees at all, there's just no interest in them at all and if she does take some it will be spat back out or her tongue will try to push it out. It's the same with whatever we try. I started her rather early as she had a phase of being extra hungry after only a very short time. 

It did work for a matter of three weeks. We had a very contented well fed baby.

Alas it wasn't ment to be... I've decided to stop trying to feed her the food. If she simply isn't interested in it, I'm not going to force it upon her. She will let me know when she is ready to try again. So for now we are sticking with her regular bottles of 7o every 3-4 hours. She has around 4 bottles a day and a top up bottle of between 2-4o before bed. 

Her vocals are changing so much. She is making other sounds other than 'coo' 'goo' and 'boo'. I hear a different little sound coming from her alot more regularly now. Her squeals are becoming alot more squeakier now too. She prefers to do this right in the ear hole may I just add! Any louder and I'll have to be checking my eardrums are still in check! 

Hand eye coordination is improving everyday! I took this picture as I just couldn't believe she brought up both hands to grab the bear! You can see how hard she was consentrating by the look on her 'hard at work' face. Since this picture she is mostly using both hands to grab a lot more of her toys, just the other day she grabbed her rubber duck in the bath and bought it up and into her mouth! I could've squealed with pride.

She will reach for your facial features, grabbing your nose, lips or even trying to pull them clean off! My hair is already falling out thanks to the glamorous after pregnancy perks. It doesn't quite help the situation when your baby is also pulling heaps of your hair out because they've entangled they're fingers in it and decided to wave there hands around 'like they just don't care'. Thanks Penny haha! 

Putting the laughs aside, this new skill is also one of the most precious moments we've shared together too. I couldn't imagine a more idealistic moment than when your baby has her hand gently resting on your cheek staring right into your eyes. Or when she's just exploring my face, really looking at me, feeling me, concentrating and really taking me all in. I feel as if she's thinking. 'So this is my mummy, this is what she feels like'. Ugh it brings me to complete soppy mush even thinking about it. It feels so surreal to me even four months on. I finally have my little baby right here in my arms and she's trying to explore everything about me, bonding. 

I almost forgot to include a momentous moment that happened this month! She had her first giggle And has since giggled a few times since then too! It's becoming more regular as time goes on. The first ever giggle was in the bath I believe I explained the full story in my previous post 'Full of Firsts'. It's such a joy to hear her giggling and to think I'm actually funny?! That's a blessing in itself! Someone who finds me utterly hilarious. *smug face inserted here*

Penelope hates tummy time and will only tolerate a couple of minutes here and there. The typical thing is that she is genuinely quite good at it! Let's hope she learn to like it as the weeks go by a little more. 

Even the bad days (we've had a few) still amaze me. She'll express her frustration or upset in different ways all the time, even though they aren't positive moments I still adore them because it's her way of trying to figure out her communication, her way of figuring out what she likes and doesn't likes. So much learning for one little person. 

I can't wait to see what next month brings!

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