Baby Smiles #3

Hi, back for another baby smiles! 

I'm quite liking the idea of having a collection of happy memories! There's definitely a time when they come in handy. Today Penny has had a horrible day, she's just slept most of the day and then when she has been awake she's been crying from a bad tummy ache that just won't budge. Poor girl. I decided to scan through my phone and look back through my photos to a happier day. I stumbled across this one and thought it would be perfect for this weeks baby smiles!

Visiting Santa... 

This photo was taken while Penny waited her turn to see Santa for the first time. She was loving all the fancy decorations and the flickering lights that surrounded her. To get this cheesy grin we were talking about her turn and what she was going to 'ask' Santa for for Christmas. 

Doesn't she just look cute in her Santa outfit, I could just melt!

Love Lorraine 

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  1. Such a cute smile. :) Jasmine's seeing Santa next week, I hope she'll be as smiley as Penny was.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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