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I'm that typical control freak mum who always has to have things in their proper place, has to have them positioned in a certain way, and won't rest until it's how it should be. Which means I annoy everyone around me on a daily basis haha! My poor other half! I wouldn't know what to do if things were chaotically unorganised, most likely fall down and weep. I'm not completely anal but I like to be tidy and prepared...Imagine having a screaming, wet, hungry, sticky baby and you can't find the wipes or the bibs, no thankyou. Don't get me wrong I've experienced it and it's utter carnage trying to hold 1283 things and a baby all at once while looking for a calpol syringe for example. It happens. But if I can avoid that madness as much as possible and try to have everything where i know it'll be... I will. Here's how I keep things under control in Penny's nursery by  organising her things:

Welcome to Penny's Nursery

I love how her nursery keeps most things hidden but is still really cute and girly. Penny loves her room and the decorations in it. 

The hanging bits and bobs keep Penny entertained while I dress or change her bum. She loves the yellow booties and tutu! She'll have full conversations with them until she squeals the place down with excitement. The two top boxes hold her hairs bows (never worn yet all far to big) and the other is yet to find a use!

I got a smart dividers set from IKEA! It makes bath time and nappy changes so easy! Everything I need is just there at hand! 

I have containers on the top shelf holding category items. Bibs, dribble bibs, socks, tights, hats and gloves, knickers, mitts and muslin clothes. Honestly I got these for Reese so he'd be able to see exactly where things were! So far so good they forfil they're purpose. 

Left hand side: coats, cardigans, jumpers and jackets. Right hand side: tops and dresses. 
Mid left: Leggings and jeans. 
Mid right: Slippers and a dressing gown skirts and shorts.
 Bottom left: Blankets and comforters. 
Bottom right: Vests and her sleepsack. 
Bottom draw: Snowsuit, onesies (pj's) and vests for a size up. 

Every morning when I get Penny dressed for the day I will get her shoes, hat, mittens and jacket out ready in case we pop out somewhere. This obviously changes each day with her outfits. I also keep a wash towel on her changing mat as I feel it's so cold for babies to use with just bare skin I know I wouldn't be too keen. 

All her books go in this cute box ontop of her toy box for easy reach for naps or chill out time with mummy. (I don't read anywhere near as often as I'd like too.)

Her toy box holds the billions of teddies we received when Penny was born. I hope she like soft toys!!! 

 Under the cot in the draw I keep spare bedding, hangers, and extra monitor bits and bobs. This will look a lot better when the cot is lowered it will be hidden then, I don't like seeing thing I like it all away so it can't be seen. 

Shoes get so lost and muddled up if in the wardrobe so I use boxes to keep them all in one space so I don't struggle to find the other shoe and such like. 

This is under her changing table, in here I keep bulk/spare toiletries and nappies! As I took this I realised I'm on my last pack of wipes *writes on shopping list!*. In the bottom draw I keep cot sheets and Moses basket sheets (no longer in use), another sleep sack, Penny's scrapbook and baby book. 

Love Lorraine

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