Exploring in the car

Today was a completely miserable day outside but this morning we chose to go for a walk up the downs (public walking place). Mummy, daddy and little Penny pops in the back!

We arrived there and it was so crazily busy with school trips and fitness classes we decided to go on drive instead. We ended up getting lost and just driving in any old direction along the country lanes. It was just beautiful, leaves fallen to the ground, leaves browing all different colours huge hills, forests. The views were amazing. Never mind all the poor road kill we saw just absorbed all the beauty! 
We drove past countless outrageous houses that we imagined ourselves in and decided what ones we liked and disliked, does anyone else do this? It's such fun the strangest thing we saw was a giant sculpture of a squirrel carved from a tree in someone's front garden. 

I really enjoyed it! And would definitely recommend giving it ago! Especially this time of year! 
Go out on drive and explore your country side and villages. 

Love Lorraine 

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  1. haha, that's exactly what Stephen and I do when we go out for drives. Stare at the big houses and cosy cottages and imagine what it'd be like to live in them. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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