Bouncing Bump Sock Cupcakes Review

I was sent a package of idealistic girls socks to review! It actually came as such a surprise as id had an email the day before saying they would arrive between 5-10days. So you could say I was impressed from the get go with such fast delivery! 

How cute are these little beauty's? They are amazing looking cupcakes! Oh wait?!...They're socks! I just had to add a slice of cheesiness in, back to it though...Each cupcake sock pair are placed in a pink silicone case and a little flower on top of each one, which I plan to use for Pennys scrapbook. 

I think these would be an ideal gift for a new baby or for a baby shower, they really are something. They came in a pretty pink box with a little window to see inside, and also a little ingredients card with what is included. 

I mean they are just socks but Bouncing Bump have made just a boring standard clothing item into a really special exciting gift. I would have loved this for when I was expecting or even now! 

Let's not ignore the fact they come in silicone cupcake cases? How handy is that. I love baking cupcakes so many happy childhood memory's come over me! Plus I find silicone much better to use than paper cases! Actually I think id say the same for any kitchen utensil. 

The socks are a good size, i received x4 pairs in total x2 0-3 months and x2 in 3-6 months. The quality of them is good being 100% cotton they feel so soft just like all baby clothing should. They are simple socks with no pattens or lace which make them extremely wearable on a day to day basis you don't have to worry about the frills showing under leggings for example (I hate that). 

All in all brisk delivery, good quality product and awesome gift! I had a look on their website and they have other gifts such as (nappy cakes) filled with teddies, blankets, nappies, and other such products. 

Visit they're website on: 

They are also on Twitter! 

Love Lorraine

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