Penelope's 3 Month Update

Penny is 3 months old as of tomorrow! I guess my excuse for not blogging in so long is that I've been absent minded towards the whole idea. It's just not occurred to me at all. Must get into the swing of things. *points firm finger at ones self*

Penny has absolutely blossomed as a little person these past few months. She is smiling, cooing, squealing, grabbing everything she can, holds her head up well, and even knows she's got me round her little finger already. I call her my little diva. When she wants something she'll let you know for sure. She has this whine that she does to tell you off. She tends to do this most when getting burped. She loathes being burped at any time of day.

Little Pennypop jumps in my arms and lets out this huge high pitched squeal everytime she see's something on the wall (anywhere). For example in her room she has butterflies, a big tree with flowers, owls, birds, leaves etc. So imagine trying to get this one off for a nap? Oh... she finds it hilarious. It's so nice to know your baby loves their bedroom, it makes me very happy.

She is a very hungry baby and has been since day 1. She breastfed non stop as a newborn and since turning to bottles she's still got her big appetite . Currently she will take 4 bottles a day 7 ounces 3.5-4 hourly and a top up of a ounce or two before she goes down for the night. That brings me onto her sleeping habits. She is a heavenly baby for naps and sleeping at the moment. I realise that will most definitely change as she grows but for now she is very happy to go down for her naps (apart from the odd excited giggle about being in her room). She sleeps anywhere from 30mins to 3 hours or so. Her longest nap is in the morning from 9.45 to 12.30ish. She is also like any mothers dream going all night. She will sleep from 9.30pm give or take half hour until 8.30am without fail.

I could go on endlessly about all her little quirks because she's got such a personality on her there are just so many. All in all I've got one AMAZING baby! That's all I can possibly say. I cant believe 3 months have passed already it feels like yesterday that I saw her little face for the first time all squished up against me. It's been such a blessing having her in our lives. I count myself lucky everyday.
 On a recent day at home we decided to give this a go! Ta-da!

Penny's first few proper smiles, makes your heart melt right?! Around 2 months old

This was Penny napping as mummy packed for our first break away.

On our first little family break away, Penny loved it! She's around 2.5 months here.

Cuddles with her Grandad!

Had to squeeze in a mummy daughter picture of course :D

Looking as cool as ever!

Enjoying her morning bottle

Phew! That's a lot of photos to jam into one post your thinking? but the thing is I had to stop myself putting my whole memory cards worth of photos on here haha! So hard to choose pictures when you think they're all equally so cute.

Love Lorraine

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