Full of firsts!

This week has been momentous! Nearly every day Penny has done something new or had a first of something. It's been really over whelming for me and I've spent most of this week crying happy tears over my beautiful little girl growing up.

I thought I'd share what they were :) 

So firstly she had her first few spoons of baby rice! She absolutely loved it and seems to be a lot happier after she's had the rice. I'm glad I started her a little earlier than 4 months as her formula just wasn't cutting it. She's happier and I'm happy knowing that! Her first reaction was priceless her face dropped and she wouldn't closed her mouth. She sat there with her mouth open like 'yuck! What have you just done mum get it out' but once she got a little taste she perked up to the idea. After a few spoons she was opening her mouth for more and swallowing the majority that was on each spoon. It was a messy scene haha! 

She had her first ever bath with mummy! I could absolutely kick myself for not doing this alot sooner. I was just always making excuses as I was to nervous about the idea and thought she was way to delicate. I felt that finally now was a good time to give it ago so I dived into the bath and got my other half to help us. It was such an experience, it made me feel so close to her. She seemed to really enjoy it too and was smiling the world away! 

She had her first giggle! It was also bath related...actually it was the day after the first try. I decided to bath with her again as we both enjoyed it so much. Daddy was playing with Penny and her ducks as she loves them and finds them fascinating. He was squeezing another toy and it made a high pitched noise.  I'm sure she thought it was the ducks making the noise, she was staring at them like crazy. All of a sudden we heard this giggle! She was absolutely laughing her head off. And she just couldn't stop haha! It was the cutest moment in the world. I felt such a warmth inside it was so special. A moment shared with mummy and daddy! 

...But we didn't video or take any pictures unfortunately. It was the last thing on my mind! 

I'm also leaving Penny for the night tomorrow for the first time. Reese is taking me to Thorpe park fright night and we're staying away the night in hotel! I'm dreading leaving her and have been soooo emotional thinking about it. I hope she has a lovely time with her nana and I have to remember she's in safe hands. 

And lastly she had her first baby group experience. She laid in the blanket with all different sensory bits and absolutely loved it. She pulled all different materials into her hand and ending up basically burying herself in it all. As I sat there watching her wriggle around so happily I thought to myself this is something we should do alot more. So I'm going to start going regularly! 

Lorraine xxx


Exploring in the car

Today was a completely miserable day outside but this morning we chose to go for a walk up the downs (public walking place). Mummy, daddy and little Penny pops in the back!

We arrived there and it was so crazily busy with school trips and fitness classes we decided to go on drive instead. We ended up getting lost and just driving in any old direction along the country lanes. It was just beautiful, leaves fallen to the ground, leaves browing all different colours huge hills, forests. The views were amazing. Never mind all the poor road kill we saw just absorbed all the beauty! 
We drove past countless outrageous houses that we imagined ourselves in and decided what ones we liked and disliked, does anyone else do this? It's such fun the strangest thing we saw was a giant sculpture of a squirrel carved from a tree in someone's front garden. 

I really enjoyed it! And would definitely recommend giving it ago! Especially this time of year! 
Go out on drive and explore your country side and villages. 

Love Lorraine 


Penelope's Nursery & Organisation

I'm that typical control freak mum who always has to have things in their proper place, has to have them positioned in a certain way, and won't rest until it's how it should be. Which means I annoy everyone around me on a daily basis haha! My poor other half! I wouldn't know what to do if things were chaotically unorganised, most likely fall down and weep. I'm not completely anal but I like to be tidy and prepared...Imagine having a screaming, wet, hungry, sticky baby and you can't find the wipes or the bibs, no thankyou. Don't get me wrong I've experienced it and it's utter carnage trying to hold 1283 things and a baby all at once while looking for a calpol syringe for example. It happens. But if I can avoid that madness as much as possible and try to have everything where i know it'll be... I will. Here's how I keep things under control in Penny's nursery by  organising her things:

Welcome to Penny's Nursery

I love how her nursery keeps most things hidden but is still really cute and girly. Penny loves her room and the decorations in it. 

The hanging bits and bobs keep Penny entertained while I dress or change her bum. She loves the yellow booties and tutu! She'll have full conversations with them until she squeals the place down with excitement. The two top boxes hold her hairs bows (never worn yet all far to big) and the other is yet to find a use!

I got a smart dividers set from IKEA! It makes bath time and nappy changes so easy! Everything I need is just there at hand! 

I have containers on the top shelf holding category items. Bibs, dribble bibs, socks, tights, hats and gloves, knickers, mitts and muslin clothes. Honestly I got these for Reese so he'd be able to see exactly where things were! So far so good they forfil they're purpose. 

Left hand side: coats, cardigans, jumpers and jackets. Right hand side: tops and dresses. 
Mid left: Leggings and jeans. 
Mid right: Slippers and a dressing gown skirts and shorts.
 Bottom left: Blankets and comforters. 
Bottom right: Vests and her sleepsack. 
Bottom draw: Snowsuit, onesies (pj's) and vests for a size up. 

Every morning when I get Penny dressed for the day I will get her shoes, hat, mittens and jacket out ready in case we pop out somewhere. This obviously changes each day with her outfits. I also keep a wash towel on her changing mat as I feel it's so cold for babies to use with just bare skin I know I wouldn't be too keen. 

All her books go in this cute box ontop of her toy box for easy reach for naps or chill out time with mummy. (I don't read anywhere near as often as I'd like too.)

Her toy box holds the billions of teddies we received when Penny was born. I hope she like soft toys!!! 

 Under the cot in the draw I keep spare bedding, hangers, and extra monitor bits and bobs. This will look a lot better when the cot is lowered it will be hidden then, I don't like seeing thing I like it all away so it can't be seen. 

Shoes get so lost and muddled up if in the wardrobe so I use boxes to keep them all in one space so I don't struggle to find the other shoe and such like. 

This is under her changing table, in here I keep bulk/spare toiletries and nappies! As I took this I realised I'm on my last pack of wipes *writes on shopping list!*. In the bottom draw I keep cot sheets and Moses basket sheets (no longer in use), another sleep sack, Penny's scrapbook and baby book. 

Love Lorraine


Bouncing Bump Sock Cupcakes Review

I was sent a package of idealistic girls socks to review! It actually came as such a surprise as id had an email the day before saying they would arrive between 5-10days. So you could say I was impressed from the get go with such fast delivery! 

How cute are these little beauty's? They are amazing looking cupcakes! Oh wait?!...They're socks! I just had to add a slice of cheesiness in, back to it though...Each cupcake sock pair are placed in a pink silicone case and a little flower on top of each one, which I plan to use for Pennys scrapbook. 

I think these would be an ideal gift for a new baby or for a baby shower, they really are something. They came in a pretty pink box with a little window to see inside, and also a little ingredients card with what is included. 

I mean they are just socks but Bouncing Bump have made just a boring standard clothing item into a really special exciting gift. I would have loved this for when I was expecting or even now! 

Let's not ignore the fact they come in silicone cupcake cases? How handy is that. I love baking cupcakes so many happy childhood memory's come over me! Plus I find silicone much better to use than paper cases! Actually I think id say the same for any kitchen utensil. 

The socks are a good size, i received x4 pairs in total x2 0-3 months and x2 in 3-6 months. The quality of them is good being 100% cotton they feel so soft just like all baby clothing should. They are simple socks with no pattens or lace which make them extremely wearable on a day to day basis you don't have to worry about the frills showing under leggings for example (I hate that). 

All in all brisk delivery, good quality product and awesome gift! I had a look on their website and they have other gifts such as (nappy cakes) filled with teddies, blankets, nappies, and other such products. 

Visit they're website on: 

They are also on Twitter! 

Love Lorraine


Penelope's 3 Month Update

Penny is 3 months old as of tomorrow! I guess my excuse for not blogging in so long is that I've been absent minded towards the whole idea. It's just not occurred to me at all. Must get into the swing of things. *points firm finger at ones self*

Penny has absolutely blossomed as a little person these past few months. She is smiling, cooing, squealing, grabbing everything she can, holds her head up well, and even knows she's got me round her little finger already. I call her my little diva. When she wants something she'll let you know for sure. She has this whine that she does to tell you off. She tends to do this most when getting burped. She loathes being burped at any time of day.

Little Pennypop jumps in my arms and lets out this huge high pitched squeal everytime she see's something on the wall (anywhere). For example in her room she has butterflies, a big tree with flowers, owls, birds, leaves etc. So imagine trying to get this one off for a nap? Oh... she finds it hilarious. It's so nice to know your baby loves their bedroom, it makes me very happy.

She is a very hungry baby and has been since day 1. She breastfed non stop as a newborn and since turning to bottles she's still got her big appetite . Currently she will take 4 bottles a day 7 ounces 3.5-4 hourly and a top up of a ounce or two before she goes down for the night. That brings me onto her sleeping habits. She is a heavenly baby for naps and sleeping at the moment. I realise that will most definitely change as she grows but for now she is very happy to go down for her naps (apart from the odd excited giggle about being in her room). She sleeps anywhere from 30mins to 3 hours or so. Her longest nap is in the morning from 9.45 to 12.30ish. She is also like any mothers dream going all night. She will sleep from 9.30pm give or take half hour until 8.30am without fail.

I could go on endlessly about all her little quirks because she's got such a personality on her there are just so many. All in all I've got one AMAZING baby! That's all I can possibly say. I cant believe 3 months have passed already it feels like yesterday that I saw her little face for the first time all squished up against me. It's been such a blessing having her in our lives. I count myself lucky everyday.
 On a recent day at home we decided to give this a go! Ta-da!

Penny's first few proper smiles, makes your heart melt right?! Around 2 months old

This was Penny napping as mummy packed for our first break away.

On our first little family break away, Penny loved it! She's around 2.5 months here.

Cuddles with her Grandad!

Had to squeeze in a mummy daughter picture of course :D

Looking as cool as ever!

Enjoying her morning bottle

Phew! That's a lot of photos to jam into one post your thinking? but the thing is I had to stop myself putting my whole memory cards worth of photos on here haha! So hard to choose pictures when you think they're all equally so cute.

Love Lorraine