Who Am I & What Am I Doing Here?

Hi fellow bloggers!

I feel some what  pressured for this post to be perfect or in other words for it to make sense for those whom may read what I right. Trying to express myself at this very moment in time and not being used to the idea of typing it out for others to see, is rather daunting for me. I'll hopefully be a pro in say a few months or so but this is oh so new to me. So I'm hoping you'll bare with me for now. My typing skills, structure and literature skills may not be the best, please be kind lol.

What am I trying to accomplish by creating this blog you may be wondering? Well it all started back in... No I'm joking, that's a post for another time. I think I'll go with that for now until we adjust a little better to each other. For such a meaningful post I need to be more in tune with blogging. The simple reason I am here is because I am having my first baby. How far along into my pregnancy am I you ask?

I'm currently 34 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My weeks change over every Friday. So this coming Friday I'll be 35 weeks. Time has truly flown by I've found and now here I am creating a blog to see my new daughter into the world in just a matter of weeks. It's so surreal I couldn't be happier.

Apologies for TERRIBLE lighting, it'll get better. This was 34 weeks and 2 days.

I want every precious moment to be noted, captured, and enjoyed for not just me but for you guys too. Yes, yes I know its not always going to be smiles and joys. But that's what makes parenthood doesn't it? Blood, sweat and tears also have to come into it. I realize the struggles and the tough times that are to come. But maybe that should be logged, captured and remembered too. To learn from the mistakes we make and to acknowledge the hardship of what we pulled through as a family, and then to see those moments when we'd pull through to experience so many wonderful moments and realize why its all so very worth it. I want a lovely place to come back and recap on it all as she grows up into the beautiful little lady I know she will be.

I'll be writing all sorts of different types of posts. Anywhere from pregnancy updates of my last few weeks, until I go into labour and come out with a labour/birth tale. Also from then on I plan to do small weekly updates of what we've been up too, a general monthly update on her development, accomplishments and other fun changes, postpartum updates. Along with many other ideas I've come up with.

I can only thank one person for giving me the inspiration to start this blog. TINYFOOTSSTEPS a dear friend who was there in my darkest of times (like I said another story for another post). She was like my angel, always so supportive, kind and caring. Now even though she's now had her baby, a little beauty may I just add. She's obviously hugely busy with her own life. Jenna, always makes time to send me a message to see how things are and I just love that about her. I met such a beautiful person through such a terrible time. She also keeps a blog about her life as a new mum. I thought it was such wonderful idea, I knew I had to get involved too. The more I thought about it, I thought I cant not create this little place to store all that we experience in this new exciting chapter of our lives.

I cant wait to see how this blog turns out its so exciting. Infact right now I cant wait for what feels like my life to begin. With my beautiful family, Reese (my partner), Me, Baby, and little Snowbell (our hamster who gets treated like a baby herself).

Lots of Love,
Lorraine, the new girl in town :D

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