I'm explaining..

I'm sat down in bed, nashing my teeth into some yummy dark chocolate with a glass of wine winding down for the evening. I know what I SHOULD be doing, I've got a ton of preparation for vlogmas to get done. Yes-way I am doing it this year by the way, I cannot wait maybe your'll pop over and JOIN US over Christmas? Tonight I'm taking a break, in this moment I just want to write. A life update is in order infact it was needed a good while ago. I've been really absent from my blog for a long while and theres a little love needed back round here. I have a few excuses but I hate to use excuses because it just doesn't ever justify the reason I've been neglecting something I love, blogging.

As your here and wanting to know whats been going on, ill proceed to explain myself. I've been trying to work on my relationship. Parenthood hit us HARD, the initial parenting came easy we are doing a great job there and our Penelope is doing incredible. It's not that. It was the staying connected as a couple part we struggled with, it became really obvious that if we didn't try to make time or put any effort in, we knew we'd end up not being together if we carried on.

So that's what we've been fixing, and we are in a much much better place now. I feel so much better knowing that we spend some quality time together now. We may not get out for actual date nights but cosy nights in with a glass of wine and dinner is good enough for me, right now. I wish we could go out for dates like the cinema, meals out, or go on shopping trips etc but we just don't ever seem to get the child care. There's only so many times you want to ask, anyone else understand this? It's fine though as long as we stick together and communicate how we are feeling then we will be fine and we really are, we are doing great and continuing to get better.

Something else has been underlining my lack of blogging too, I've been working my absolute butt off on my Youtube channel, I'm trying really hard to grow my channel, it means alot to me that little haven of mine. I made this blog to share my life as we ventured into being parents, while it was amazing at first it never felt 'enough'. I love to over share my goings on and I feel like video really expresses what I want to share. I admit I watch vlogs much more than I read blog posts these days. I just connect better watching someones life in video than reading about it. You can tell I don't read books cant you, maybe you didn't know that about me? It's not because I cant read, more that I hate the thought of reading a huge book- lazy cow yes I know that's what your thinking. In actual fact I'm far from that but why read a book over two days when you can watch the film in an hour and a half. That's how I feel towards making Youtube videos, its a better logic to me. It's hard to find a balance between Youtube and the Babyy Pebbles blog is all I was trying to say there. Blimey, I do like go off tangent dont I?!

Last but not least I've been suffering daily with horrendous back pain, I can't even express to you all how bad its truly been. So many evenings I've cried silently in bed not wanting to wake Penny because I'm unable to move and get out of bed. Yep, I get stuck and cannot get up until the pain goes away, it can take 2 minutes or even 10 minutes of unbearable pain. It shoots through my whole body and if I even so much as move my arm or breathe it sends me to tears ALOT. I cant just play around on the floor with my daughter, I have to be careful how I lay down putting her to bed, I put her at risk if I'm on my own with her because if a fire broke out and I'm stuck I cannot move to save us, dramatic I know but thats how real this is, I cannot move. She was sitting on the bed once in a hotel room. Reese nipped out to the car and I got stuck, I was desperately trying to get up incase she fell off the bed, but I just could not. Thankgoodness she was fine but it was terrifying. There was a time where she was pulling my pony tail calling 'mumma, mumma' I couldn't even get a word out to tell her I was okay, or to stop pulling me as it made my pain worse from her pulling my head backwards.

I could go on about the struggles all night, but just know I'm in pain every second of everyday and it fucking sucks arse. I'd never wish this on anyone. But, the good news is I have my long awaited appointment with the spinal surgeon on the 20th December, and I can only hope they help me. I want to play with my daughter on the floor, rough and tumble with her and roll around the carpet playing silly buggers. I want to put my daughter to sleep cuddled up with her not sitting upright in fear of not being unable to get up. Its going to be emotional, I can already feel myself welling up at the thought of walking into the surgeons office and telling him everything. Just relief to tell someone who can hopefully take all the pain away from me, I don't feel like a 24 year old women right now.

So there it is, my poor list of excuses as to why I've been absent. Its just been alot of getting through, and fixing things. God, its amazing what writing your feelings down does for your sense of mind, I feel so much has been lifted off my shoulders. I shall do this again very soon, I've missed blogging, the thing I love but next time...I need more chocolate and wine.
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Does your child love watching those surprise egg youtube videos? Yes, mine too. I don't get the fascination myself but my Penelope is going crazy to watch them by any means she can. My laptop, phone, ipad and even on the television. You name it she has used it to get her egg fix. I don't mind the fact she has got into watching something she enjoys but what drives me up the bend is hearing it constantly. There's only so many songs you can take before it drives you to the point of loosing your mind. I was boarding that line. My phone is my best friend you can imagine that right...but I was beginning to enjoy the thought of throwing it out of the window. 

A lovely lady called Lily got in touch with me to see if we would be interested in reviewing the EASYSMX kid safe on ear headphones for children. I jumped at the chance as this is a product I've been thinking of purchasing for some time now, I know all you parents out there are going to love these so I'm really excited to share this product with you!

Meet these beauties! Pennys little face lite up like a light when she opened them. They come brilliantly packaged all sealed very well. I've actually kept the box to store them in when not being used at home just to keep them safe, okay yes more for the fact the packaging is really cute too.

One of the first points I want to mention is that these headphones are completely safe for a childs hearing. They are volume limited so can only reach a safe maximum which is 93DB so they do not damage your childs hearing in any way. I found this put my mind at ease so much when letting her use them.

Your second concern is maybe the fact your toddler might accidentally snap them because hey kids break things sometimes on a daily basis, but don't worry the head band is made from high quality polycarbonate which is super flexible you can twist it and turn it and it does not break. Perfect for super strong toddler hands.

My third concern would be that I'd want the headphones to be comfortable on my childs delicate ears, but EasySMX have this in the bag too as the ear pads are made from soft cushioned leather, oh what luxury for such little people hey.

Finally my forth concern is the obvious one, will they fit? Penelope is two years old. The product is suggested to be for 3+ but Penelope has had no trouble with them slipping off or anything like that. There is plenty of extending space to use as she grows. I gave them a quick try on myself and they even fit my head. I was able to check out the sound quality aswell which was really clear, even with the volume limitation its at a very nice level so you can hear it perfectly.

We go on holiday in a few days and for parts of the car journey we are bringing these headphones along with us to drown out those blasted childrens songs and let Penelope happily watch her videos in peace, safely which is the main thing here.

If you don't have a little girl they also do a blue and yellow version which is super stylish for any boys you may need some for. If they are into gaming these would be perfect.

If you want to grab your children this product then go on over to EasySMX Childrens Headphones they are available on Amazon now for just £11.99, what a bargin. Your saving a huge £30.00 as usually they retail for £41.99. I couldn't recommend them enough.

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Hi all, how you doing? I was thinking of sharing more of our weeks with you by starting to do something rather new. I'll be selecting a few of my favourite photos that best describe our week each week and posting them on my blog WITHOUT any description or even an explanation as to what went on. It's up to YOU to guess and interpret them how you choose by letting me know in the comments below. Anyone who gets it pretty close I'll be giving shout outs on Twitter via @babyypebbles so when you comment leave your Twitter handle too and I could be in touch.

The following week ill do a brief summary to explain how our week went and will follow with some new pictures for you to guess our next weeks summery. 

Its all for abit of fun, lets see how it goes. If not it'll be nice for me to look back on these photos anyway but i'd much rather you played along... ;)

Are you thinking about it? Leave you comments below and don't forget your Twitter handle.

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I'll be embarrassed no more

This is the first post believe it or not that your not seeing images from my iphone, yep all this time I've been using shoddy images for my posts. Its so embarrassing really, for someone who's trying to be 'professional' in the way she works on her blog. Today marks a change, I have invested in a new camera for my photos, I decided to go with the Olympus Pen EL7. On first impressions I'm absolutely loving it but there's a still alot of playing to be done with the camera to understand its full settings and functions.

What I have figured out so far is that I can transfer images from the camera to my phone so I can also improve the quality of my Instagram uploads. Yippee! You can pop on over and follow me if your keen to see what I upload...babyy_pebbles its there if you want it.

My first image was going to be obvious wasn't it? My main girl, Penelope. Mind you, when I say I took my first photo, I mean that I turnt the camera on switched it to auto and took a snap of her ruining my back door and house walls with paint. Nothing fancy or remotely good for my parenting reputation but still the photos I took, I am still proud of...

 Let me know your thoughts? I see massive improvement already and that's before I've learnt anything really about photography. I cant wait to present better content for Babyy Pebbles, what an adventure.

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